Cookie Run Braverse Release Date & Other Details (Speculations)

Heard about the Cookie Run Braverse announcement but are unaware of its release date? Then here's all about it.

After Cookie Run Kingdom & Overbreak were a great success, the Devsisters announced their new cookie-themed game. i.e. Cookie Run Barverse. The announcement was made on their official Twitter page on April 5. However just like you, many fans have various questions about this new Trading card game and its release date details. If you are also wondering when the game will be out, then we have got you covered. In this article below, we have mentioned the Cookie Run Braverse release date along with some speculations & other details. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.

When Cookie Run Braverse Will Be Out (Release Date & Speculations)

When Cookie Run Braverse Will Be Out (Release Date & Speculations)

Cookie Run Braverse has a slightly different release date for different servers. For Korean servers, it is expected to be released on 1st September 2023. Whereas for English & Japanese servers, you might get to see the game anywhere in February 2024. So it seems, the Korean servers will be the first ones to try out Cookie Run Braverse. But don’t worry, players can always use BlueStacks and other emulators to get a sneak peek of this new Trading Card game. However, we would recommend you wait for the game to arrive on your servers so you can get a good first-hand experience. Just like other Devsisters, cookie-themed titles, we are expecting that this game will also be available for Android & iOS devices.

What Can We Expect? (Gameplay)

Unfortunately, currently, apart from the announcement, there are no other details available about Cookie Run Braverse gameplay. However, if you visit their website, then you’ll see the cookies falling into a dimensional gap. It is also speculated, that players will get to see a bunch of new & old cookies from the Cookie Run Kingdom & Ovenbreak. And they’ll be available for you to unlock through a Gacha system.

With that said, this is all you need to know about the Cookie Run Braverse release date & other gameplay details. If you are a CRK player, then do check out all the ways to get free Crystals in the game. Also, take a look at the Redeem codes for more rewards.