Cookie Run OvenBreak Redeem Code (April 2023)

Here are all working, new, active and valid Cookie Run OvenBreak Redeem Codes to use for rewards.

Here’s the complete wiki of all Cookie Run OvenBreak Redeem Codes that you can enter for in-game rewards like Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, and more. We will be updating this article with more codes as they are released by the developers and further ahead, you will also find expired codes. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Coupon Redeem Codes List (April 2023)

These are the new, valid, latest, and currently, available coupon codes to use in Cookie Run OvenBreak. Do note that they can expire any time soon so you must hurry and redeem them as soon as possible. Working on March 30, 2023.

  • 42YFYXP4T527P6F2
  • 5C69XX27114F9C13
  • 1476TPTTHH16642H
  • 6T66Y567YX9F239X
  • 9Y53H6797X64X6P9
  • C9TXC5CX1CT2YP19
  • 5FPPY5F2T777P692
  • 1TH1F5P16XT33C6T
  • 43H49PPCFFX152T9
  • 2TFYC1Y76FTHC377
  • H61723X246T235HF
  • 74PX7T46HYF34HT4
  • 732C1464FF6XPH9P

Expired Codes

These are the codes that are no longer valid.


How to Redeem Cookie Run OvenBreak Coupon Codes?

The steps to redeem codes in this game are as follows.

  • Head to the Devsisters code redemption page.
    how to redeem Cookie Run OvenBreak Redeem Codes
  • Type in your ID.
  • To find your ID, tap on your Escape Level from the main screen and tap on Profile.
  • Then, tap on the COPY button which will copy your Player ID.
  • Paste this ID in the Your ID section.
  • Then type in the coupon code of 16 characters.
  • Click on Receive Prize.
  • Below are steps to redeem Cookie Run OvenBreak codes.

How to Enter and Redeem Codes In-game?

how to redeem coupon code cookie run ovenbreak

  • Tap on the Gear icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the Enter Coupon Code button and tap on it.
  • Type in a working codes. The text will be converted to all caps/uppercase automatically.
  • Tap on Claim Reward.

How to Get More Codes?

The developers are the only ones who can release new codes and they do so via their official social media accounts. But if you want to stay updated – simply head over here and you will know the latest info.

This is all on Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes. For more redeem codes of games that you play on Mobile, simply search the name of the game in the Search bar and if we have it, go ahead and use them for rewards. And for everything else, stay with Gamer Tweak.

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