How To Get Free Crystals In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

These are all the methods that you can use to earn free Crystals or Gems in CRK.

Crystals or Gems are the premium currency in CRK and it’s rare. The fastest and easier way to get them is by paying real money. But, if you are wondering how to get free Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom then, you will be happy to know that there are multiple ways to do so.

How to Get Free Crystals or Gems in Cookie Run Kingdom?

how to get free gems cookie run kingdom

To earn free Crystals in CRK without spending a buck, you can do any and all of the following:

  • Login to the game daily.
  • Get them from the main game story as bonuses for the completion of quests.
  • Type in a CRK redeem code.
  • Getting them from your Mailbox – Check it daily!
  • Clear World Exploration Stages for the first time.
  • Get Rewards from the Fountain of Abundance (minimum level 4).
  • Unlock daily rewards from the Tree of Wishes.
  • Get your prizes via the Train Station (Bear Jelly Train).
  • Get them from the Gacha section daily.
  • Play every day, get 3 stars in battles and level up.
  • Collect them from the Decor section.
  • Get the Kingdom Pass (costs money) which gives you free crystals.
  • Unlock the Kingdom Arena and keep playing and ranking up to get free Crystals.
  • Tap on the Events button and check out the ongoing events and complete them to earn rewards which may include Gems!
  • Claim them via your Achievements. Tap on your profile at the top left > Tap on the Achievements button > Claim them from there.

These are the general ways to get free Crystals or Gems in Cookie Run Kingdom. From the aforementioned methods, you can get anything from 1 Crystal to hundreds of them in one go. Plus, the limited time events may differ and the rewards will change too. But all in all, these are the ways to earn free Crystals without spending money.

That’s everything you need to keep in mind in order to get free Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom. For more help with the game, be sure to head over to our Cookie Run Kingdom guides section on Gamer Tweak.