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Pokemon Sleep: How To Cook Recipes (Cooking Guide)

Let your Snorlax enjoy various recipes with the help of this Pokemon Sleep cooking guide.

Cook various recipes of Pokemon Sleep to level up and Strengthen your Snorlax. Snorlax Drowsy Power increases with good Sleep Score, Strength, and other factors. Getting a good Sleep Score is not difficult, you can get that with 8+ hours of sleep, but Strength depends on what Snorlax is eating. In the beginning, you can make it eat Berries, but that is not enough. A recipe ingredient and level also affect the strength of Snorlax, which you cannot achieve with just Berries.

How to Cook Dishes in Pokemon Sleep

How to Cook Dishes in Pokemon Sleep

How to Use Auto Cook

  • Tap on the Snorlax when the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner dialogue box appears on the head of Snorlax.
  • Professor Neroli will guide you if you are cooking for the first time.
  • At the start, you can only choose the Auto Cook option in Pokemon Sleep.
  • Tap on the Auto Cook. It will ask if you want to toss 15 random ingredients and see what comes out.
  • Select Yes and wait for a few seconds for the pot to prepare the dish.
  • Once it’s done, you will see Dish Strength, name, and description. Tap Finish to continue.
  • Then Snorlax will consume it.

Choose a Recipe for Cooking in Pokemon Sleep

You unlock the Choose a Recipe option after you have studied 12 different Sleep Styles. If you have unlocked it, read along to use the Choose a Recipe option.

  • Tap on the Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner dialogue box that appears when Snorlax is hungry.
  • This will take you to the cooking page. You will also see This week’s request there.
  • Cook the type requested by Snorlax for better results in Pokemon Sleep.
  • Tap on the Choose a Recipe. If it’s your first time, Professor Neroli will guide you.
  • Tap on the No Recipe and choose ingredients. Use our recipe list to learn about the recipes.
  • After you have selected the ingredients, press Start Cooking.
  • If you have upgraded your Pot, it will ask if you want to add more ingredients. Select Add More, as it will increase Food Strength, but will not affect the final dish.
  • Then wait a few seconds to get the dish.
  • Snorlax will eat it and get Strength.

These are both ways to cook food in Pokemon Sleep. If you found this guide interesting, check out our other Pokemon Sleep guides. Start with how to befriend Pokemon and then learn how to level up fast.