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How To Combine Items & Weapons In HoloCure

If you're not familiar with the Collaboration process in HoloCure, then here's all you need to know about it.

In HoloCure, players can combine their items & weapons to get higher-tier equipment. This option comes between the run where it grants you a powerful weapon giving you an upper hand on the situation. As of now, there are 12 Collab weapons you can obtain in the game. However, as a downside, the game doesn’t describe enough about the collaboration process and leaves you on your own. If you’re also not familiar with steps to combine weapons then we’ll walk you through its steps.

How Can I Combine Weapons & Items in HoloCure

How To Combine Items & Weapons In HoloCure collab anvil items list recipe steps how to get golden anvil
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To Combine / Collab items & weapons in HoloCure, you’ll need the Golden Anvil. This item is only dropped from the enemies after you have upgraded at least 2 of your slotted weapons to level 7 or more. The drop chance of the Golden Anvil is 1/100 which further keeps getting increased every minute you survive in the game. The highest the drop rate can go is 1/2000. But don’t worry, players tend to get a Golden Anvil in the early stages of the match. Don’t forget, that you cannot stack up this item and will have to use it as soon as you get it. Or else the game will not drop another anvil for you.

How Can I Combine Weapons & Items in HoloCure golden anvil how to collab items list and recipe

To use the Golden Anvil, simply collect it during the match and then select two of your level 7 or above weapons you want to combine. Once the selection is done, simply hit the Collab button and that’ll do the trick. For your reference here’s a list of collaboration weapons you can get in the game.

  • BL Fujoshi
    • BL Book + Psycho Axe
  • Frozen Sea
    • BL Book + Wammy Water
  • Light Beam
    • Glowstick + Fan Beam
  • Rap Dog
    • Idol Song + X-Potato
  • Breath-In Type Asacoco
    • Holo Bomb + Plug Type Asacoco
  • Dragon Fire
    • Plug Type Asacoco + Fan Beam
  • Flattening Board
    • Holo Bomb + Cutting Board
  • Elite Cooking
    • Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking
  • Broken Dreams
    • Spider Cooking + CEO’s Tears
  • Idol Concert
    • Glowstick + Idol Song
  • Streams of Tears
    • CEO’s Tears + Fan Beam
  • MiComet
    • Elite Lava Bucket + Psycho Axe

Players must note, that as there are 5 free weapon slots, you can only have 4 Collab weapons and 1 normal weapon equipped in HoloCure.

That covers everything about how you can combine / Collab weapons & items in HoloCure easily. If you are a veteran player, then you must check out how to get High Scores in Endless Mode easily. Also, take a look at the best ways to farm HoloCoins in the game.