How To Make Clone Potion In Wacky Wizards Roblox

There are two types of Clone potions in Wacky Wizards and we will explain how to get both.

The “Clone potions” in Wacky Wizards will let you get duplicates of a character. There are two types of potions that can do this – Identity theft and Doppelganger. Let’s look at what you need for them and how to make both of these potions.

How to Make Clone Potion to Clone Yourself in Wacky Wizards?

The Identity theft potion will let other players turn into you, while the Doppelganger potion will turn you into any other players that you get close to.

how to clone yourself in wacky wizards using potion
The Identity Theft potion lets you clone yourself

Identity theft potion

First, you can try out the Identity theft potion which requires the You ingredient. It’s simple to make. Make the Shrink Ray potion which needs the ingredients of Chameleon and Fairy.

With that in hand, jump on your cauldron and drink it. You will shrink and fall into the Cauldron getting You as the ingredient. Then with You added as an ingredient, spawn a Potion and that’s the Identity Theft potion where you can clone yourself. Anyone who drinks the Identity Theft potion will get turned into your character.

Doppelganger potion

The process is very slightly different for the Doppelganger potion. To make the Doppelganger Potion in Wacky Wizards on Roblox, you need two ingredients: Chameleon and You. With these items obtained, brew the potion and drink it. How does it work? We’ve detailed it in our guide on Doppelganger potion. Check it out right away.

So, these are the Clone potions in Wacky Wizards as of now. More may get added in the future and we will be adding them in this article as they are revealed.

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