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Remnant 2 Clock Puzzle Guide (Hewdas Clock Tower Gear Location)

Here is a guide on how you can solve the clock tower puzzle in Remnant 2 without any hassle.

In Remnant 2, players will come across a giant clock tower in the Forsaken Quarter area in Losomn and as a part of a puzzle quest, you will have to then fix the clock tower and get it working. After solving the puzzle players will be able to get their hands on one of the crafting materials which they can use to craft timelapse weapon mod in the game. And as players will find the procedural generation of the game which makes the gameplay at most random for each player, you will be delighted to know that it doesn’t affect any puzzles or bosses you will come across. So if you are looking to solve the puzzle easily, check out this guide further and know more about it.

How to Solve Clock Tower Puzzle in Remnant 2

get clockwork pinion in remnant 2
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To solve the Clock Tower puzzle, players will first have to come across the Hewdas clock tower in Forsaken Quarter in Remnant 2. Follow the steps given below to complete the puzzle in the game:

  1. Note down the timing that the clock is stuck on.
  2. Once done players will have to head toward the Lemark District and find the clockmaker’s house.
  3. You will have to head down inside the room filled up with different clocks and look for the one you can interact with on the wall.
  4. Enter the timing while adjusting the hands. After which the clock will drop a Clockwork Pinion which you will use to fix the tower.
  5. It is worth keeping in mind that the time for each player will be random, so note down the accurate timing you see.
  6. Once done, head back to the Forsaken Quarter to enter the Clock Tower in Remnant 2.
  7. Players will have to make their way from the outside as the elevator inside doesn’t work and you will need to turn on the switch from above.

Inside the tower, you will also come across various Faes. Get to the uppermost part, you will find a huge clockwork and to fix the machine you will have to place the pinion where it fits. After which interact with the lever and the clock will start working like before. Players will be able to get their hands on the Broken Timepiece as a reward after completing the puzzle quest in Remnant 2. You can use it to craft the Timelapse weapon mod that freezes normal enemies for the time being.

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