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How To Clear The Red Mist In Redfall

Check out our guide to know about all the possible ways of clearing the Red Mist in Redfall.

Players may want to know how to clear the Red Mist in Redfall, because it is one atmospheric hindrance you’ll eventually face while searching for vampires or disfigured gargoyle-like creatures. This crimson cloud will deplete your HP and will further prevent you from moving forward whether you are conducting a search or accomplishing a mission objective. A vampire susceptible to a certain weapon is the source of the deadly vapor but fortunately, eliminating this creature will remove the mist. However, it necessitates a unique weapon and deserves your close attention.

How to Get Rid of the Red Mist in Redfall

The two ways to clear and get through the Red Mist are:

1) Stacking a UV Blaster or a Portable UV Gun

how to get rid of red mist in redfall

Portable UV Beam UV-102B  Medusa is an important weapon that you must possess in Redfall to clear the Red Mist. As its name suggests, it directs a powerful beam toward its target, seriously damaging it. Use this weapon to search the haze for the disfigured vampire. As you aim and shoot your beam, it will first freeze your target and turn it into a statue. This will allow you to shoot limitlessly at your target even in the misty atmosphere.

Make sure that you keep shooting your target as it might unfreeze at any moment. Once you destroy the disfigured creature with your UV blaster, the Red Mist will be cleared. Given that the vampire being is static, you won’t easily lose sight of it.

2) Searching UV Lights

Sometimes in the game, you may spot something known as the UV Lights. These lights act as filters that clear the air contaminated by the Red Mist. You could use it in case you do not have the UV weapon. However, these lights are not always available so purchasing a UV Gun or a weapon is the most significant and advisable resort to clear the Red Mist.

That’s all for the different ways of clearing the Red Mist in Redfall. Check out how to fix the incompatible build error and the co-op error in Redfall.