How To Remove Break From Monuments In Forspoken

Take a look at the tips & tricks to remove the Break from the Monuments in Forspoken easily.

In Forspoken there are plenty of quests that’ll keep you engaged for hours. However, here your main aim is to defeat Tantas at any cost and restore the peace of Athia. As easy as it may sound it isn’t, you are going to need plenty of abilities and skills to do so. And in this case, breaking off the Monuments from corruption will do the trick. These uniquely shaped pillars hold certain buffs and other rewards that can help Frey in her adventurous journey. So without any further ado let’s take a look at how you can clear the Monuments in Forspoken easily.

How to Clear All Monuments in Forspoken?

How To Clear Monuments From Break In Forspoken
Picture Credits: Manugames92

In Forspoken to clear Monuments you will need to find them and remove The Break corrupting them. That can be done by attacking the base of the monument using Slice attacks. Such as Rage Slice, Blast Slice & Slice. Players will have to keep striking it until the corruption disappears. Once it does, it’ll trigger a cut scene where Frey will absorb new skills and stat buffs. So go ahead, open your map and start collecting rewards from these Monuments.

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Unlocking all the Sculptures in the early stages can not only help explore the world but also progress in the game quickly. Clearing the very first Monument will get you the Pilgrimage: Initiate achievement. And breaking all of them from corruption will reward you with the Pilgrimage: Adept achievement. However, reaching them is quite a hassle, as they are mostly found on elevated platforms. But don’t worry here, Frey’s Parkour abilities will surely come in handy. So we recommend you first unlock the abilities as soon as you can and then go on the hunt. For those who are unaware, there are up to 50 of them scattered across the world of Athia.

That covers everything about how you can clear & remove the break corruption from Monuments in Forspoken. While you are here check out how to Fast Travel in the game. Also, take a look at the combat tips & tricks for beginners.