Forspoken Combat Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Read this guide to know about the combat tips for beginners in Forspoken.

The horrifying creatures of Athia in Forspoken can easily batter you if you’re not well prepared. If you have just started playing, then we have a word of advice. It’s probably best if you leave them be or come back again when you have better upgrades. However, if you are struggling against them even with the best upgrades, then you need not worry anymore. In this guide, we will show you the best Forspoken combat tips.

Forspoken Combat Tips 101 – All You Need to Know

The hostile creatures in Forspoken can be quite a handful if you don’t know how to tackle them properly. You can only get the upper hand in every battle if you make use of your devastating magic spells and equally good movement abilities. Here are the combat tips in Forspoken that you should keep in mind:

Pick up those Mana Pools

This is the single most important thing that can’t be stressed enough. Mana Pools are your glowing bluish white pillars of light that are scattered around Athia. It is hard to not miss them. Moreover, you won’t even require any effort to obtain them. Just run through these Mana Pools, that is it!

Mana is effectively your level-up currency in Forspoken. You will gain one point each from every pool. Once you have enough of them, you can also use them to purchase new magic spells. They’re highly worth your time!

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Scan your Surroundings

Simply press up on your D-pad up to enable the Cuff Scan in Forspoken. This is a simple but quite useful way of knowing what to do next. The Cuff on Frey’s hand can do a quick scan of the nearby area. This can help you gain information about every creature’s strength and weakness. It will also let you know which magic spells would be resistant and which ones would work best.

belfries tower forspoken

Belfries Anyone?

The Belfries are your best companions in Forspoken. Once you interact with these towers, they will allow you to scan the entire area and mark everything that you see on the map. These towers are the best navigation tools in the game. It is very useful as it will let you know about all the doable activities around the vicinity.

Just Parkour it

Another combat tip in Forspoken is to use Magic Parkour as much as you can. You can do it by pressing the ‘O’ button on your PS5 controller. From quickly scouring the overworld for resources to dodging elemental attacks from your opponents – Magic Parkour is your answer to everything.

forspoken magic parkour

However, it will consume a part of your stamina whenever you use it. Also, it can help you evade every attack except the ones that have a flashing ‘X’ symbol. For these, you will need to steer clear away from your enemy as far as possible.

Keep Upgrading your Gear

One of the most basic but often overlooked tips – gear upgrades. If you find yourself stuttering against even the weakest of opponents, then it’s time to upgrade your equipment. Frey’s upgradable equipment include her cloak, necklace and nail polish – unconventional right? We thought so too. Use the Cuff scan as much as possible to pick up valuable resources in the area. Keep using the items to upgrade the stats of your equipment which will in turn improve your defense, health and magic stats.

This is everything you need to know about all combat tips for Forspoken . If you have just started playing this game, then check out our Forspoken section on Gamer Tweak.