How To Heal In Forspoken [Craft Healing Draughts, Set Up Camps & More]

Read this guide to understand how to heal in Forspoken

The healing mechanism is one of the most crucial aspects of any video game. The same holds true for Forspoken which was developed by Luminous Productions and released in January 2023. There are a variety of different monsters in the game who were once ordinary animals. They all turned into mutated species after the Break. Since you can lose a huge chunk of health while fighting them, knowing how to regain your health is vital. If you’re wondering how to heal in Outspoken, then you’re at the right place. This guide will clear all your doubts.

How to Heal in Forspoken

Unlike other games, healing in Forspoken is not that straightforward. You will struggle to get used to it over time. Here is how to heal in Forspoken on the PS5:

  • D-Pad (Down) – use healing draught (consumable item)

You can also use the auto-heal setting. This can be enabled from the in-game settings of Forspoken. Moreover, if you hold down the D-Pad, you will be able to set up a camp. Here, you will be able to heal and craft additional healing draughts for your character. This will also save you a trip from returning to the refuge again.

healing forspoken

Other Forspoken Controls

  • Left Stick – Movement
  • L3 (Click in on Left Stick) – Sprint
  • R3 (Click in on Right Stick) – Target Camera
  • Right Stick – Camera Control
  • Triangle – Interact (pick up items, talk to NPCs, etc.)
  • X – Jump
  • Circle – Magic Parkour
  • Square – Zip (available after obtaining Sila’s Magic)
  • D-Pad (Up) – Cuff Scan
  • Hold D-Pad (Up)- Cuff Compass
  • D-Pad (Right) – Switch Spell Set Forward
  • D-Pad (Left) – Switch Spell Set Backwards

Forspoken was one of the most anticipated games of 2023. However, it has got mixed reviews from critics and players alike. There are many who are calling the game’s storyline quite generic and predictable. While there are others who are simply amazed by the parkour and spell-based gameplay. The jury is still out there for Square Enix’s open-world title.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal in Forspoken. For more tips & tricks, head over to our dedicated Forspoken section on Gamer Tweak.