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All Forspoken Achievements And Trophies

Check out all the trophies and achievements in Forspoken.

Forspoken is the first major release of 2023 and it has many trophies and achievements for you to unlock. In this action-adventure RPG by Luminous Studios and Square Enix, you will traverse the mysterious lands of Athia. Now if you are someone who likes to complete the game to its fullest, then this guide is just for you. Here, we will talk about the trophies in this game and how to get them.


List of All Forspoken Achievements and Trophies

Frey Holland In Forspoken

This game is exclusively for PS5 and Windows PC users. On PC, you can unlock 53 achievements whereas, on PS5, you get one more. That being said, here’s a full list of achievements and trophies in Forspoken.

Achievements / Trophies How To Unlock Them
Remembrance Say a complete set of remembrances to the departed
Moves Earn the praise of the mighty Pilo with your dancing
Promises Make a promise to someone very special
Rebirth See to the needs of the people of Cipal
A Roaring Trade Trade poppets for all available items
Above and Beyond Upgrade all your spells
Happy Snapper Show pictures taken at all the photo spots to the children
Cat Person Befriend all of Tantas’ familiars
Through the Eyes of Another: Seer Complete flashback challenges at ten Monuments to Wisdom
Barely There Hide for ten whole seconds — so long that people will forget you were there
Shocker Electrocute three enemies at once
Help Me Out Here Use the Disperse spell three times in a single battle
Tit for Tat Perform ten precision counters
I Can Fly! Use Float to stay airborne for ten seconds
Endless Runner Travel a total of 100km (62 miles) using magic parkour
Hop, Step, Jump Perform five Shimmies in a row
Craftsperson Craft a healing item and two of Frey’s original pieces of equipment
Tinkerer Craft an item for the first time
Call of the Fount: Baptized Acquire magical powers for the first time at a Fount of Blessing
Realized Potential Learn all the spells that can possibly be learned
Explorer: Pathfinder Visit fifty points of interest
Pilgrimage: Initiate Visit your first monument
From Every Angle Use all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle
Forspoken Complete Chapter 11
None the Wiser Defeat Tanta Olas at the end of Chapter 10
No Mercy Perform thirty Killer Blows
Breaking Point Complete Chapter 9
The Truth Will Out Defeat Tanta Prav at the end of Chapter 8
The Hue of Blue Complete Chapter 7
Explorer: Seeker Visit ten points of interest
Leapfrogger Jump over enemies a total of ten times
Damned If You Do… Complete Chapter 6
Wildfire Defeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect with Sila’s magic
Might and Main Beat Tanta Sila
Outdoorsperson Set up a camp
What Must Be Done Survive the first Breakstorm
Through the Eyes of Another: Empath Complete your first flashback challenge at a Monument to Wisdom
Knock ‘Em Dead Finish three or more enemies with a single blast of Surge Magic
Hell of a Run Perform magic parkour for twenty seconds continuously
The Interloper Fight Tanta Sila in Cipal
Unlocked Potential Spend mana to learn a spell for the first time
Stuck Complete Chapter 2
Attachments Put on the Cuff for the First Time
Through the Eyes of Another: Visionary Complete all flashback challenges at Monuments to Wisdom
Kit and Caboodle Acquire every piece of equipment
Paragon Learn every spell
Explorer: Call of the Fount: Beatified Acquire the magical powers available from all Founts of Blessing
Explorer: Trailblazer Visit one hundred points of interest
Pilgrimage: Adept Visit fifty monuments
Awakening Defeat Cuff to Complete the Main Storyline
Archivist Unlock 80% of the Archive
Abominizer Defeat all four abominations

These are all the achievements you can unlock in Forspoken. For more helpful guides like Combat Tips & Tricks for Beginners, make sure you visit our Forspoken section.