Type Soul Clans Tier List (October 2023)

Use this Type Soul tier list to select the best clan comparing Postures, HP, Rei, and more.

Here is a Type Soul Clans tier list to help you choose the group that suits you most. Different clans offer different benefits, some with unique elements like Reiatsu Regen and increased Vollstandig duration. And though we have created the list by comparing all the pros and cons, you are free to select the clan even if it doesn’t rank high. The clan has to complement your gameplay style and character, so select the one you find best.

Type Soul Clans Tier List – Best Clans

Type Soul Clans Ranked Tier

At the time of writing, there are 15 clans in the game, the list might update in the future, so bookmark this tier list and stay updated. Now this list of clans and information is taken from Type Soul’s official Discord post by moderator lipop. You can check it out from the game’s Roblox link.

S Tier Clans List

  • Valkyrie: This will let you gain 15 HP, 15 Postures, and 1.25x increased Vollstandig duration.
  • Cifer: Join this clan if you want 15 HP, 20 Rei, and 1.25x increased Res duration.
  • Kurosaki: Kurosaki offers 20 Rei, 5 Postures, and a 1.25x increased Bankai duration.

A Tier Clans

  • Yamamoto: Yamamoto offers 20 HP and 20 Rei.
  • Le Vaar: Here you get 25 HP, 20 Rei, and 15 Postures.
  • Starrk: This will let you gain 15 HP, 15 Postures, and 1.5 Rei gained on the hit.
  • Parnkgjas: Join this clan to get 20 HP and 2.5 Rei gain on hit.
  • B: Here you get 10 HP and 10% Reiatsu regen.

B Tier Clans Ranked

  • Odelschwanck: Odelschwanck clan offers 10 HP, 20 Rei and 15 Postures.
  • Zaraki: You will get 15 HP, 10 Postures, and passive posture regen with Zaraki.
  • Hyosube: This clan offers 25 HP and 1.5 Rei gained on hit.
  • Jaegerjaquez: Here you gain 15 HP, 10 Postures, and passive posture regen.

D Tier Clans of Type Soul

  • Du: This offers 15 HP, 10 Postures, and better passive posture regen.
  • Shutara: You can join this clan for 20 HP, 15 Rei, and 10 Postures.
  • Louisenbairn: Louisenbairn offers 15 HP, 15 Rei, and 5 Postures.

These were all the best clans in our Type Soul tier list. If this tier list was helpful to you and you are looking for more Type Soul guides, read the Shikai tier list and learn about the best soul races.