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Elden Ring Malenia & Goddess Of Rot Boss Cheese Guide

Malenia Goddess of Rot is quite a relentless foe in Elden Ring. In this guide check out how to cheese her.

Malenia is an optional boss that you can beat and shouldn’t miss in Elden Ring. She has two phases, or if you like it more specific then she has two forms. Both of these bring very interesting moves and a great challenge to the players. So in this guide let us take a look at how to cheese Malenia & Goddess of Rot in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Malenia Boss Cheese Guide

how to cheese malenia elden ring
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Malenia Moveset


You can beat Malenia by attacking her between her combos and chipping her health away. Below are all the moves that you should be aware of when attacking her.

  • Slash and thrust Combo: Malenia will slash her sword twice in both directions then lunge at you while doing a thrust.
  • Uppercut slash: She will ready her hand and slash in an uppercut. She will stay in the air for a bit and then follow this attack with a slash. You can recognize this attack by her hand getting an orange glint before she strikes the uppercut.
  • Six combos slash: Her six slash combo goes as follows. Forward slash, immediate backslash, forward slash, forward backslash, jump down slash. You can dodge this attack by going back. Attack when she does her sixth slash
  • Four slash combo: This move is less aggressive than her six slash combo. She does a forward slash, backslash, forward slash, and jump down slash. Similar to the previous move attack here on her last that is the fourth slash.
  • Flurry of slashes: This attack is a treat for Sekiro fans as it resembles the Combat Arts One mind. Malenia will jump and charge the player with a flurry of slashes. She will lunge at the player three or four more times. The most effective way to dodge this attack is by rolling away from it. Although you will need a lot of practice to learn where her next slash will come from in order to roll to the opposite side.

Other than these mentioned moves and combos she will regularly try to slice you. She can also break the combo and do only a part of it. So for example instead of Slash and thrust, she can choose to only do the thrust attack. Once you bring her whole HP bar down the second phase will begin.


Malenia Attacks

To defeat Malenia Goddes of Rot, attack her when she is immobile between her attacks. These are all the attacks she will use in this fight.

  • Lunge and blast: As the name describes, she will lunge at you to do a thrust attack. Upon she will release a blast attack that does AoE damage. Getting hit by this move also build scarlet rot. As long as the orange petals are active stay away from her. Going to attack her in presence of the petals will build scarlet rot faster.
  • Six combo butterfly attack: She will fly in the air and launch mini versions of herself made of butterfly at you. Her first three launches will do a slash attack in either direction. The fourth version will strike you thrice. And the seventh time Malenia will attack you herself.
  • Jump and down slash: She will jump in the air, sometimes do a slash while jumping. And come down with a downward slice attack. When she hits the ground with this attack, it releases butterflies that deal scarlet rot at the point of contact with the ground.


Other than these moves she will do most of the moves from her Malenia form, just they will also deal scarlet rot with the damage.

How to Cheese Malenia Boss in Elden Ring

The best way to cheese her is by using an Astrologer or Prophet class. All you have to do is create distance between you and her and cast spells at her. This might sound easier said than done, but once you learn the above-explained moves you should be able to pull it off quite easily.

How to Cheese Malenia Goddess of Rot

When playing as a mage class this form of her is easier to beat than her normal form. All you have to do is wait for her to do her jump and blast attack. Once she lands down and releases her petals, be as out of the range as possible and spam your spells. Not only is she immobile during this attack. You can chip her health from a safe distance. This method is even super effective for those who use bows and crossbows. Just wait for her to do this attack and spam all your attacks while she is not moving. And in order to stay alive, you can easily dodge any of her other attacks instead of picking fighting then.

That covers this guide on everything you should know about how to defeat Malenia & Goddess of Rot in Elden Ring & her Cheese methods. In case you skipped any of the other optional bosses then check our guides on how to beat Mad Tongue Alberich, Crucible Knight, and the Tree Sentinel.