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BG3: How To Check Companion Approval Rating In Baldur’s Gate 3

Here's how you can check the Companion Approval rating to see if you have the option to romance characters in Baldur's Gate 3.

Each Baldur’s Gate 3 character will have a companion approval rating depending on your behavior and actions while completing the main story quests. It’s almost entirely impossible to keep everyone pleased and the companion approval rating is a great way for you to determine how far you are from having a romanceable relationship with the BG3 character. Keep in mind, they should be one of romance options available for the players. The rating is basically a way of telling players the attitude that the companion will display towards them.

How to Check Companion Approval in Baldur’s Gate 3

BG3 Check Companion Approval Rating

You can check out the Companion Approval indicator in the character sheet tab of each companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. It will be located under their Proficiency Bonus (Abilities) and will be indicated without any sort of numerical rating. However, the indicator is clear enough for players to understand whether the companion has a positive attitude towards them or negative.

Each decision that the player makes has the possibility of leaving a positive or a negative stamp on the approval indicator. However, we found out that, if you are usually supportive towards them and completing the companion’s personal quests quite a few time, it’s safe to say that you will be in the good books.

Do note that each character has a different companion approval rating in BG3 that you need to reach in order to unlock the romance feature with them. However, since that is basically the goal, it’s best if you select answers with good moral and supportive towards the companion.

That’s all we have on how to check Companion Approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you found this guide useful, head over to our Baldur’s Gate 3 dedicated section to check out how to romance Shadowheart, Minthara, and more.