How To Create Character In Remnant 2

Character Creation in Remnant 2 is simple and easy to understand. Here are all the options given to you while creating a character.

Character Creation in Remnant 2 is simple because there aren’t many options given. But making a character that stands out with existing options is not a piece of cake. During the beginning phase, there are 2 character presets (Male and Female) available. And then, players can make changes as per their preference by adjusting the appearance. Character Creation does sound intriguing right? Scroll down to know more about it.

All Character Creation Options in Remnant 2

While Creating a Character in Remnant 2, you will be given the following options.

  • Body Type
    • In this tab, you can select a Male Character Preset or Female Character Preset for your character. Moreover, you can also select 6 Voices for both Male and Female Characters from this section.
  • Face and Skin Tone
    • This option allows you to choose Head (face) templates for your selected character preset. Also, there are options to change Skin Color and Eye Color in this section.
  • Hair Style and Color
    • Here, you can cycle through different Hairstyles and Facial Hair for your character. In addition, you can also change the Hair Color.
  • Scars and Markings
    • From here, you’ll be able to apply face paint to your character. You can also add some scars or battle wounds to make your character look battle-hardened.

Remnant 2 Character Creation

Besides going through the above Character Creation process in detail, you can also Randomize a character in Remnant 2. You will also be provided with a Hardcore Character option on the Create Character screen. For those who don’t know, Hardcore Mode is made for pro players who like to face challenges. But keep in mind that once you die in Hardcore Mode, you will have to start over again.

How to Change Character Appearance in Remnant 2

Unfortunately, there’s no option to change the appearance of your character again in Remnant 2. The only way to change appearance is by starting over the game again and going to the Character Creation screen. However, the least you can do is equip armor to change your character’s aesthetics. The devs have done a great job and added a decent amount of Best Armors in Remnant 2.

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