How To Change Or Edit Avatar In Street Fighter 6 (SF6)

One of the latest updates in the Street Fighter franchise allows you to create your own Avatar. You can then use it to enter the open world of World Tour mode. At first, creating the Avatar takes lots of time which becomes boring soon. Like me, many of you may have created your character’s Avatar hastily and are now looking for a way to change or customize it in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Sadly, it seems that there is no dedicated option that you can use to edit your Avatar. But there is another way around getting the job done. Here’s everything you should know.

How to Customize or Edit Your Avatar in SF6

You can change your Avatar by visiting a Body Shop in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Once you reach there, you need to pay either Zenny or Drive Tickets (depending upon the mode) to change your character’s appearance.

How to Change Avatar in World Tour

How To Change Or Edit Avatar In Street Fighter 6 (SF6)
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Those who are playing World Tour must pay 1000 Zenny to start customizing their Avatar. During early missions, you can find 2 of the Body Shops in Metro City. They are located in the following locations:

  • Style Lab in Beat Square, Metro City
  • Dr. L’s Beauty Salon in Old Nayshall

How to Change Avatar in Battle Hub

On the other hand, if you are looking to change your Avatar in Battle Hub, you must pay 50 Drive Tickets in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). To get the job done, head over and talk to the NPC known as Sylphy near the gaming machines in Batte Hub.

That’s everything you can do to Change your Character’s Avatar in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Now that you are here, you can check out our other informative guides on Best Characters Tier List and Skills. For passionate players like you, we have plenty of Street Fighter 6 content right here on Gamer Tweak.

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