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Street Fighter 6 Beta Tier List (Best SF6 Characters Rank)

Wondering Who Are the Best Characters in Street Fighter 6 Beta?

The latest installment of the well-liked fighting game series, Street Fighter 6, has fans humming with anticipation. So naturally, the Street Fighter 6 tier list is one of the most talked-about subjects among fans during this open beta. The game debuts brand-new aesthetics, a novel gameplay mechanic, and a cast of well-known and original characters. But as the beta has reduced the character count, we will be focusing on just them for now.

As you already know, a tier list is a rating system that rates the game’s characters according to how strong it believes them to be. This list is based on pro players & famous YouTubers who got early access to the game, and we just took out the 8 characters available in the open beta for now. Players who wish to choose a character with a decent likelihood of winning matches might find this list helpful.

Street Fighter 6 Beta Tier List

Best Characters Rank in Street Fighter 6 Tier List (SF6 Beta)

Today we are looking to unveil the best fighters based on expert opinions and their extensive gameplay experiences. So with that said, here are the top-ranked or best characters in the Street Fighter 6 beta tier list, curated by professional players and seasoned enthusiasts:


  • Ryu
  • Kimberly
  • Guile
  • Juri


  • Luke
  • Chun-Li
  • Ken


  • Jamie

It should be noted that this is only a tier list for the game’s open beta version. The final tier list may change because the devs tweak the game based on the beta feedback.

S-Tier Characters

The S-tier characters in the Street Fighter 6 beta show incredible strength, with various formidable moves and abilities that provide a substantial challenge against their opponents.


Ryu SF6 Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Ryu, a timeless Street Fighter hero, remains one of the game’s top fighters. He is still a force to be reckoned with, thanks to a varied moveset encompassing both attacking and defensive qualities.

Kimberly (Best New Comer in Our Street Fighter 6 Tier List)

kimberly sf06

Introducing Kimberly, a newcomer to the Street Fighter lineup who has quickly made a name for herself. Her expertise as a rushdown character rests on quickly closing the distance and exerting persistent pressure on her opponents.


gulie sf6

Guile is a powerful character noted for his outstanding zoning skills. He specializes in maintaining space from opponents, keeping them at bay, and using trademark tactics like the sonic boom and flash kick.


juri sf6

Juri, a newbie to the Street Fighter series, shows off her grappling skills. Her strength comes in closing up on opponents and forcefully using strong throws to defeat them.

A-Tier Characters

The A-tier characters shine in the Street Fighter 6 beta with their unique powers and deadly techniques, making them a force to be dealt with in every fight.



Luke, a newcomer to the Street Fighter series, has quickly acquired popularity. He overwhelms opponents with his aggressive playstyle as a rushdown character loaded with strength.


chunli_sf6 Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Chun-Li, a beloved returning character, maintains her versatility and demonstrates her ability as a well-rounded fighter. She is still a strong opponent, armed with many devastating techniques.



Ken, who is also returning to the series, has enormous strength as a rushdown character. His aggressive playstyle, along with his overwhelming power, makes him a tough opponent.

B-Tier Characters

The B-tier characters remain viable in the Street Fighter 6 beta, despite not having the same strength as those in the top tiers.



Jamie is a new character in the Street Fighter franchise. Being a rushdown character, Jamie has a distinct and distinctive playstyle that distinguishes them from the other fighters.

Conclusion for Street Fighter 6 Beta Tier List

Please remember that this tier list is merely a prototype and is subject to change as Street Fighter 6 develops. Nonetheless, it gives useful information on the top-performing characters in the beta version. If you want to win more in the current open beta, consider focusing more on one of these characters, as per pro players.

Here are some more hints to help you choose a character in Street Fighter 6:

  1. Consider your favorite playing style (if you are returning player). Do you like to be aggressive or defensive? Do you excel at spacing out opponents or favor a rushdown strategy?
  2. Determine each character’s strengths and weaknesses. Determine their areas of competence and where they may fall short.
  3. Accept experimentation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different characters until you discover one that fits your style and preferences.
  4. Above everything, put your fun & enjoyment first. Choose a character who will please you throughout gaming, and don’t worry about exactly conforming to the tier list.

Remember that the main aim is to have fun while playing the game. So I suggest you choose a character you think will make your experience fun throughout the game. So don’t worry much about exactly depending on any Street Fighter 6 Beta Tier List for the best characters. Your journey and experience will always be different from the next person.

But if you want to collect more wins in online multiplayer sessions or entry-level tournaments, stay tuned, for we will update this page as soon as the full game releases, a new tier list based on pro players’ opinions. Meanwhile, if you are facing major issues or bugs, check out more articles like how to fix the Street Fighter 6 open beta not working.