Street Fighter 6 Tier List – Best Characters

Wondering which character you should main in Street Fighter 6? We have you covered with this Tier list of the best SF6 characters.

At launch, there are 18 characters that you can choose from in SF6. And to help you pick your next main, here is our Tier List of the best Street Fighter 6 characters. Here we have ranked them from best to worst in S to C Tiers. Find out about their different moves and what makes them the strongest. So without further ado, here is the complete ranking list.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Street Fighter 6 Tier List of Best Characters

Character Tier
Guile S Tier
Manon S Tier
Kimberly S Tier
Luke S Tier
Juri A Tier
Chun-Li A Tier
Marisa A Tier
JP A Tier
Ken A Tier
Ryu B Tier
Cammy B Tier
Zangief B Tier
Dhalsim B Tier
E. Honda B Tier
Jamie C Tier
Blanka C Tier
Dee Jay C Tier
Lily C Tier

S Tier Characters Explained

The characters in this tier are the strongest. While they can be easier to learn with the modern controls. Once you get a hang of how their moves work and their execution timings. You can proceed to learn their combos especially after switching to Classic controls and show your dominance in the Battle Hub.


Guile SF6 Tier List Best Character

Guile is a very strong character but he can be a bit difficult to learn. He is a preferred character by pros like Daigo, Higuchi, Caba, and others. With him, you are covered with projectile attacks like Sonic Boom, Sonic Blade, and Sonic Cross. But he has plenty of unique attacks that you can choose from that you can use in your combos or just to chip away your opponent’s health.

And considering his height and build you shouldn’t have a hard time closing in on your enemy in fights.


Manon SF6

S Tier would feel incomplete without having Manon in it. Not only is she an excellent character. But she also has one of the best Super Arts to humiliate your opponents. Her Pas de Deux allows you to slip through your opponent’s guard when you are at close range. Then this move deals them a lot of damage.

While she doesn’t have any projectile attacks. She more than makes up for it with the moves that allow her to quickly close in the gap and attack her opponents. And she also has plenty of strong grapple attacks which can take away a lot of their health.


Kimberly SF6

Kimberly is another character that requires a lot of practice and mastering. But once you get used to how her moves work and start reading your opponent’s attack pattern. She can be very deadly in online play. Let’s talk about her special move Sprint. This move in itself doesn’t do much other than bring you closer to your opponent. But you can follow up this attack with 5 different moves. One of those moves is Arc Step which further lets you follow up with Bushin Izuna Otoshi or Bushin Hojin Kick.

And this was just one such special move, so you have plenty of options when it comes to using combos with her.


Luke SF6

Finally, the last character on this list we have Luke. He can be just as deadly as Guile when comes to his move choice. Just like him, Luke too gets projectile attacks along with a variety of other moves. The good thing about Luke is, he is a very Beginner friendly character when compared to the other ones on this list.

So if you are new to the game then using him should help you get a sense of how the game works. You can also try different things like being aggressive while also being a bit safe with moves like Vulcan Blast. The thing with Luke is his attacks can be a bit easier to read so you will have to catch your opponents off guard.

At the end of the day, the above characters are just recommendations. Characters like Chun-Li, Ryu, and Cammy who are listed in A and B Tiers are also very powerful. So the character by themselves can only take you to some higher ranks. The best thing you can do is try out all the characters and master the ones you enjoy playing the most.

That’s it for this tier list of the best characters in Street Fighter 6. If you enjoyed this list then also check out our Tier List section for more rankings of characters, weapons, and more of your other favorite games.