Quick Ways To Get Money In Street Fighter 6 (SF6)

In Street Fighter 6, Zenny is the in-game money used for microtransactions in World Tour mode. It is used to purchase items like costumes, food or energy drinks, and much more. Like in most other games, you need to do certain activities to earn money (Zenny) in SF6 as well. There are more than one ways through which you can get it. However, in this guide, we mention the best and quickest ways to earn Zenny. Take a look below to get started.

How to Earn Zenny Fast in SF6

Earn Zenny Fast in Street Fighter 6 (SF6)

Here’s what you can do to earn Zenny fast in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

Break Objects

After interacting with Chun-Li, you will unlock here Special Ability known as the Spinning Bird Kick. Later, you can use this ability to break multiple objects scattered across the map. It can be anything like barrels, crates, boxes, etc. Upon breaking such objects, you can earn yourself some Zenny in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

Play Mini-games

There are various mini-game machines found across the map. You will usually find a machine with a retro fighting game or a Scrap Heap mini-game. Among these two, you should play the game Scrapheap, which is located found near Abigail’s Scrap Metal. This junkyard is located on the southern side of the Metro City where you must talk to Junkyard Smallz (NPC) to play this game. Now, you can earn a huge amount of Zenny by playing the Scrap Heap minigame in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

Complete Missions

The most common way of getting yourself rewarded with Zenny and other valuable items is by completing World Tour missions. As you know, there are plenty of Missions, Side Missions, and Master Missions available in this game. Hence, you can complete it whenever you feel like it and earn Zenny as a guaranteed reward.

Apart from the above methods, you can also open chests found in hidden locations. Often, these chests contain a good amount of Zenny that you can collect. Also, you can go to map icons with ‘Z’ on it to start a few part time jobs. Next, you can complete those jobs to earn yourself handful of money in SF6.

That’s pretty much everything you can do to earn Zenny (money) in Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Now that you are here, also know about other Street Fighter 6 currencies like Drive Tickets and Fighter Coins.

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