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Palia: How To Catch Bugs

You can sell Bugs and earn money in Palia. Know how to catch them through this guide.

You must know how to catch Bugs as it is one of the essential skills in Palia. The Bug Catching 101 quest given by Auni will teach you this skill and provide you with a Makeshift Belt and Standard Smoke Bomb. You can upgrade these items by leveling up the Bug Catching skill. A higher level of belt and bomb will increase your chances of getting a rare Bug. So, let’s check out how you can catch them.

How to Catch Bugs in Palia

Bugs In Palia
Bugs In Palia

You have to stun the Bugs to catch them in Palia. Here are the steps to knock down insects and get them:

  1. Equip the Standard Smoke Bomb by pressing the R button on the keyboard.
  2. Find an insect and slowly get close to it.
  3. Once you are in attacking range, use RMB to aim and LMB to throw the Smoke Bomb.
  4. It will stun the Bug if you have perfectly aimed your attack.
  5. It may take more than one hit to knock down rare Bugs.
  6. After the insect is unconscious, press the F key to pick it up.
  7. You can access the caught Bug through your in-game Inventory.

You can also target multiple insects at once using Smoke Bombs. Now that you have caught them, here are the uses of Bugs.

Bug Rewards

You can get Silk Thread from Rare and Epic Bugs in Palia. It is a crafting material used to make Silk. Also, you can earn money by selling the caught insects. You can get more money if you sell Star or Shiny Bugs. Here is the list of Bugs that have a higher selling price:

Bugs Price
Ancient Amber Beetle 360/540 Bahari Bay
Fairy Mantis 360/540 Bahari Bay
Jewelwing Dragonfly 360/540 Bahari Bay
Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly 360/540 Bahari Bay
Azure Stonehopper 150/225 Bahari Bay
Bahari Glowbug 145/217 Bahari Bay
Princess Ladybug 145/217 Kilima Valley
Raspberry Beetle 145/217 Kilima Valley
Spitfire Cicada 145/217 Bahari Bay
Vampire Crab 145/217 Bahari Bay
Fire Breathing Dragonfly 125/187 Kilima Valley
Golden Glory Bee 125/187 Kilima Valley
Hairy Millipede 120/180 Bahari Bay
Leafstalker Mantis 120/180 Bahari Bay
Scintillating Centipede 120/180 Bahari Bay
Spotted Mantis 120/180 Kilima Valley
Stripeshell Snail 120/180 Bahari Bay
Brighteye Butterfly 110/165 Bahari Bay
Gossamer Veil Moth 110/165 Kilima Valley

Note: These are only some of the Bugs that appear in the game.

So, that’s everything on how to catch Bugs in Palia. If you are looking to get the Silver Salmon, read this guide. Also, here is a Gold Farming guide to help you make money in Palia.