How To Catch Aurora Jellyfish In Dredge

Paarth Wadke
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If you are wondering how to catch the Aurora Jellyfish in Dredge, then this guide is made just for you. In this fishing adventure, you can catch over 100 different species of fish. Apart from that, you can take on several side quests called Pursuits to obtain rewards. During one such Pursuit from the Research Assistant, you’ll be tasked with finding the Aurora Jellyfish. This is a tricky fish to catch so this guide will tell you all you need to know about it.

Dredge: How to Catch Aurora Jellyfish

Catch Aurora Jellyfish for Research Assistant

The Aurora Jellyfish in Dredge is a coastal fish found in the Stellar Basin region during nighttime. To catch this fish, make sure you have the Trawl Net. Once you get the Trawl Net, simply head over to the Stellar Basin and deploy it to catch the Aurora Jellyfish. Make sure you avoid the center of this region as it is home to a terrible monster.

For players who don’t have the Trawl Net, you can get this item easily in Dredge. All you have to do is simply use Research Parts to research his item and then get it from the Shipyard.

What is the Use of Aurora Jellyfish

As we mentioned, you’ll have to catch the Aurora Jellyfish to complete the Research Assistant Pursuit. You can trigger this quest by talking to her at the Old Fortress located in the Stellar Basin region. Once you do, she will ask you to get her the following fish:

  • Phase 1
    • Aurora Jellyfish
    • Firefly Squid
    • Glowing Octopus
  • Phase 2

Once you hand over these fish to the Research Assistant, she will ask you to run a few more errands before handing you the “Plan for the Future” book. With this book, your chances of finding fish will increase. Apart from the Pursuit, you can also catch the Jellyfish to make some quick cash.

That’s all from us on how to catch Aurora Jellyfish in Dredge. For more such content like Sign of Ruin, make sure you visit our Dredge guides section.