How Does Sign Of Ruin Work In Dredge (Get Talisman)

Want more Abberant fishes in your inventory? Learn how Sign of Ruin works in Dredge.

Giving a twist to the cozy fishing games, Dredge dives into the depths of a mysterious archipelago. From strange creatures of the sea to the discreet habitats of the land, the eerie adventure keeps you hooked to the game. One such strange yet powerful small talisman, the Sign of Ruin, has been getting a lot of attention among the players.

With the symbol of the deep carved into it, there is no way one wouldn’t get curious about it. How to get it, where to find it, and why we need it are some common questions that would come to mind. As you progress further and explore different islands, this will come in very handy, so here we have explained all you need to know about it.

What Does the Sign Of Ruin Do in Dredge

Sign of Ruin in the Workshop
Image Source: What’s That One Game on Youtube

The Sign Of Ruin increases the chances of Aberrant Fish appearing in Dredge. They are mutated variants of normal fish that appear at different times in their designated locations. Due to their rarity, they are hard to come by, especially after nightfall. With this talisman, you are more likely to come across them while fishing at night. Over 80 fish in the full game are Aberration, meaning you will need them for various quests.

Since they are sold for a good price, the sign is an excellent artifact to hold in your inventory. By catching and selling the fish, you can make a pile of cash. Then, you can spend the money to buy parts like refined metal to upgrade your boat. This will increase your cargo or make your boat faster.

How to Get the Sign of Ruin

To get it, you’ll have to buy the Dredge Deluxe Edition or the Blackstone Key DLC. You cannot find this talisman in the base game. Once you have them, head over to the Blackstone Isle and visit the Workshop. You’ll find the Sign of Ruin in this Workshop, along with the Arterial Engine.

How to Use Sign of Ruin in Dredge

To use the Sign of Ruin, simply place it in your cargo before heading out to fish. However, make sure you keep an eye on the Panic meter. Since you’ll witness Aberrant Fish, your panic level is bound to increase.

If your panic level is high, you will notice new rocks appearing out of nowhere, boats disappearing, crows stealing from your inventory, and more. So to keep your loot safe, we recommend returning to the dock as soon as your panic level increases.

That’s all from us on Sign of Ruin in Dredge. For more helpful guides like the Signet Ring uses, make sure you visit our Dredge section.