What Is The Use Of Signet Ring In Dredge? (Keep Or Sell)

Check out whether to keep or sell the Signet Ring in Dredge.

In Dredge, players have come across an item called the Signet Ring and are wondering whether to keep it or sell it. If you too are one of them, then you’re at the right place. In this fishing adventure game, you can explore new areas to find exotic fish and monsters. While doing so, you can take on several tasks or side quests called Pursuits for more rewards. You will get the Signet Ring after completing one such pursuit called Castaway. In this guide, we will tell you what to do with it.

Should I Keep or Sell the Signet Ring in Dredge?

Castaway with the Signet Ring in Dredge

At the moment, the only use of the Signet Ring in Dredge is to make some quick cash, $90 to be exact, so we recommend you sell it.

Many players are holding on to this ring because of its description. It states that the item is sure to bring good luck to any captain who holds it. Another reason why players are keeping this ring in their inventory is the Brass Knuckles incident. The Brass Knuckles in Dredge had another use than selling. You could hand it over to the Grieving Father instead. So you can also hold on to it if you like. The item will only sell for $90 and there are other ways to make money fast in this game.

How to Get the Signet Ring

As we mentioned, you can get the Signet Ring after completing the Castaway Pursuit. To do so:

  1. Head over to the Devil’s Spine region.
  2. Explore till you find a beach with the SOS sign (L-10 coordinates).
  3. Talk to the castaway and take him back to Little Marrow.

Once you drop him off at this location, he will give you the ring. Although, make sure you don’t run into any trouble while completing this quest. If the Castaway dies then there is no way to respawn him and you will lose the ring.

That’s everything from us on the Signet Ring in Dredge. For more such content as how to get refined metal, make sure you visit our Dredge guides section.