How To Get Refined Metal In Dredge

Check out how to get Refined Metal to upgrade your boat in Dredge.

In Dredge, you will need refined metal to upgrade your Hull to higher tiers. Since the game is about fishing, it is important to upgrade your ship and keep it in top condition. You will start with a basic boat, and it’s up to you to upgrade it to visit rougher seas and carry more fish. The game has a plethora of items that you can find by salvaging. However, refined metal is tough to find so this guide will tell you how to get it.

Dredge: How to Get Refined Metal

Refined Metal shop location on Dredge map

The Dusty Pontoon outpost in the Gale Cliffs region is a guaranteed way to get Refined Metal in Dredge. This shop is located in the northern region of the Gale Cliffs as shown on the map.

Once you reach this region, interact with the shop and you will see several options. Select the Shipyard option and the Travelling Merchant menu will open up. On the left side, click on the icon with a bottle and a plank. This is the miscellaneous tab where you can buy Refined Metal for $500.

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Alternatively, you can also find this material by exploring the waters for hidden blockages. However, you’ll need explosives to clear the blockages and get the loot behind them.

While this may seem like a steep price for an item, we assure you that it’s worth it. As we mentioned, you can upgrade the hull of your boat with this item. With an upgraded hull, you can carry more fish and sell them to make a greater profit. If you are low on cash then you can also find shipwrecks and other treasures that you can sell for a higher price. You can catch some fish in that area and sell them at the shop as well. Just make sure you sell it before it gets spoiled.

That’s all from us on how to get refined metal in Dredge. For more helpful guides like how to get research parts, make sure you visit our Dredge section.