Dredge Research Parts: How To Get & Spend Them

Check out this guide to know all the ways for obtaining Research Parts in Dredge.

In Dredge, you will come across various resources and items while voyaging. Most of the resources you obtain will come in handy on several occasions. A Research Part is one such item that you will require to progress further into the game. Consider Research Parts as a key component in upgrading your equipment for good. However, the game does not tell you anything about how to obtain this material. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are all the ways through which you can obtain Research Parts in Dredge. Read till the end to know a few tips on how to spend well.

How to Get Research Parts in Dredge

How to Get Research Parts in Dredge
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Here are all the ways through which you can obtain Research Parts in Dredge.

Complete Side Quests (Pursuits)

The most common method through which you can get the Research Parts is by completing side quests. These optional side quests are known as Pursuits that once completed, reward you with Research Parts.


In Dredge, you can also get Research Parts by using this method known as Dredging. Wherein, you basically clean and extract items from the surface of the water bodies. The extracted items can either be fish or scrap materials. Although, you can also obtain a Research Part through this method. Also, you unlock this Dredging upgrade pretty early in the game.

Purchase it from Merchants

Last but not least, the quickest way to get Research Parts in Dredge is by purchasing them from Travelling Merchants. However, you will have to pay a sum of approx $300 in exchange for one Research Part. Hence, make sure you have a good amount of money accumulated before interacting with a Travelling Merchant.

How to Spend Research Parts Wisely

How to Get Research Parts in Dredge

According to me, you should spend your Research Parts on upgrading Fishing Rods. This is because Fishing is the whole point of this game and you are going to need a Rod at every point. So the wisest move will be upgrading and unlocking new and better Fishing Rods with the help of Research Parts. That being said, it will make your in-game progression even smoother.

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That covers everything about the Research Parts in Dredge. While you are here, make sure to check out our Dredge Guides on Gamer Tweak for more such content.