Dredge Cheats, Mods, & Trainers

Check out our guide to find out the Dredge cheats codes, mods, and console commands.

Are you looking for the Dredge cheats codes or mods? As the devs have not officially dropped any cheats, we need to rely on third-party trainers or cheat engines. But are there any cheats or console commands that you can use? Yes, there are! You can use these cheats to ease up your gameplay experience and get several fishing buffs or upgrades. You can also use these cheats to get OP power-ups like God Mode, unlimited money, or instant harvest. So, check out our complete list of cheats codes or console commands.

Disclaimer: Note that using the Cheats codes and console commands from a third-party trainer or cheat engine can get you banned. We don’t support or endorse using cheats or console commands and suggest players proceed with their own risk.

Dredge Cheats to Use

dredge cheats codes console commands

Since the Dredge game is fully compatible with WeMod, you can use different trainers or cheat engines. All you have to do is download and open the cheat engine or trainer. Then, select one of the options from the list to cheat your way.

So, here’s the list of all the cheats codes WeMod offers:

Player Cheats

  • God Mode
  • Fish Won’t Spoil
  • Fish Won’t Be Infected
  • Instant Harvest
  • Ignore Upgrade Requirements
  • Ignore Equipment Requirements
  • Unlimited Nets Durability
  • Unlimited Pots Durability
  • Unlimited Research Parts

Inventory Cheats

  • Unlimited Money
  • Item Sell Price Multiplier

Vehicle & Game Cheats

  • Set Boat Speed
  • Freeze Time
  • Time Pass Speed
  • Set Game Speed

There are 15 Dredge cheats codes or console commands above that you can use through WeMod. But note that using any of them can potentially result in a ban. Unfortunately, console players on Xbox, Switch, or PlayStation won’t be able to use any cheats or mods for the game.

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