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Stone Tablets In Dredge: How To Find & Use (Pursuit Guide)

If you are struggling to complete the Stone Tablets Pursuits then we are here to help.

It’s not just you, many players out there are already on the grind to complete all the Pursuits / Side quests to obtain rewards. However, not all of them are that easy to complete. In one of the Pursuits, the player will have to find all the Stone Tablets to obtain the rewards in Dredge. Such side quest completion not only helps you farm items but also obtain achievements. If you are stuck on the same mission, then don’t worry we are here to help. In this guide below we have mentioned all the details you need to know to complete the Stone Tablets Pursuit.

Where to Find & Use Stone Tablets in Dredge

Stone Tablets In Dredge How To Find & Use (Pursuit Guide)

In Dredge, Stone Tablets Pursuit players will have to find 3 Stone Tablets scattered around the Devil’s Spine. And then head to the Trader in Little Marrow to fuse it together and make a square Fused Tablet. After that, the trader will decode the strange glyph and point you toward an Ancient Lighthouse, which is situated at O15. After going there the player will have to head up to the Lighthouse and open the door using the Fused Tablet. Doing so will reveal 2 rings, 2 goblets, & Flame of the Sky, a light that gives 3500+ Lumens. And that’s how you complete the entire Stone Tablets pursuit in the game. If you are having trouble finding the Stone Tablets then scroll down for exact locations.

Stone Tablet Locations

As the Trader already has a piece of Stone Tablet on his desk, here are the other 3 pieces’ locations. Before you move ahead, make sure to carry some Packed Explosives. The explosives can be bought from Retired Whaler at the Whaling Yards in Little Marrow.

Stone Tablet Location
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  1. To access the first Stone Tablet simply head inside the area and start Dredging in the spot with bubbles. Once done, pull the stone out carefully and place it into your cargo

    Stone Locations
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  2. To obtain the second piece players will have to head to the marked spot. And then use the Packed Explosives to blow the debris blocking the path. After that, go near the spot with bubbles and dredge for the second piece.

    Stone Tablet location
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  3. To get your hands on the third & last Stone Tablet you will again have to blow the debris blocking the path. Then head inside and near the bubble spot, you’ll find the final piece.

And that covers all about how you can find & use the Stone Tablets in Dredge easily. While you are here check out the best games to play without a PlayStation Plus subscription. Also, take a look at other Video game guides for more tips & tricks.