Cat Pom Pom Boss Guide: Bowser’s Fury

How to defeat Cat Pom Pom in Bowser's Fury.

Bowser’s Fury is a new stage for the famed Super Mario 3D World as it makes its debut on Switch. With this update, players get a new set of missions to complete. These new missions come in the form of collecting Cat Shines to free the various Islands from the sticky tar that covers them. Along the way, you will come across various Boss Fights eventually culminating with you fighting a version of Bowser. One such Boss Fight is that of Cat Pom Pom. This page acts as a Boss Guide to tell you everything you need to know about Cat Pom Pom.

Cat Pom Pom Boss Guide

Cat Pom Pom Boss Guide
Know more about Cat Pom Pom.

You will encounter Cat Pom Pom in Clawswipe Colosseum. Cat Pom Pom is said to be a Partner of Cat Boom Boom. She is a female Koopa that serves under Bowser. The mission when you come across her is called Cat Pom Pom’s Counterattack. We recommend using the Cat Suit while fighting her as it makes it easier to jump around.

When the fight starts you will see that the platform takes the facade of a boxing ring. After this Cat Pom Pom appears. She will be carrying a boomerang-like object which is her weapon. This is also known as the Shuriken. You will observe that she disappears and splits into three puffs of pink smoke. When she reappears again you will see 3 images of her, 2 of which are her clones.

The clones can be identified by their blue Shuriken. Attack the real Cat Pom Pom. She will disappear again albeit into 4 puffs of smoke this time around. Follow the same procedure again. For the last attack, she will split into 6 puffs of smoke. Again look for the one with the pink Shuriken and attack. You will have defeated her now and you will be awarded a Cat Shine.

This is the complete Boss Guide for Cat Pom Pom. While you are here you can even have a look at How to Defeat Hisstocrat or How to Destroy Fury Blocks.