How To Get 2 Primary Weapons In MW3

Wondering how you can equip two Primary Weapons in MW3? Here is everything you need to know.

In Modern Warfare 3, you will be able to unlock perks by using a combination of equipment like Gloves, Boots, Vests, and Gear. Similarly, to get the hidden Overkill Perk and Carry 2 Primary Weapons in MW3, you will have to unlock 2 types of Vests in the game.

The type of weapons you use during combat is crucial, and especially if you are looking to end your enemies quickly, you will need extra room for another handy gun. To find out how you can get the Vest and unlock this perk, you can refer to the guide below.

How to Carry Two Primary Weapons in MW3

How To Carry 2 Primary Weapons In MW3
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Call of Duty fans are well aware of the Overkill Perk, however, getting it can be quite confusing as the player doesn’t know which equipment they need to unlock to get it. In order to easily switch between two Primary weapons you will need to unlock the Gunner Vest. You can get it once you have reached Level 20.

Apart from the Gunner Vest, you will also be able to use this perk by unlocking the Overkill Vest. This Vest, however, is slightly difficult to get. You will be able to use it only once you touch Level 50. You can use it to either carry 2 Primary weapons or make a few upgrades and you can instead equip 2 Secondary weapons, as well.

How to Equip Gunner or Overkill Vest in MW3

You can easily equip either of these Vests by first, clicking on your Weapons Tab and going to your custom loadouts. From the Vest Section, select the Vest you have unlocked – Gunner or Overkill. Now, to complete the process, you just need to select the second primary weapon you want to take with you to the battlefield.

We have covered everything you need to know about how you can get 2 Primary Weapons in MW3. If you are interested in this game, you can also scroll through and learn more about the Best Assault Rifle and Best Quickscope Rifle in MW3.

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