Best Quickscope Sniper In MW3

Looking for the best Quickscope Sniper in MW3? Check out this guide to know which one you need to select.

In Modern Warfare 3, if you want to use your favorite technique during combat, you will need to know which is the best quickscope sniper in the game. After mastering this skill, it almost becomes impossible to not use it as it can take out enemies instantly and save you a lot of time and effort.

However, to carry out this mechanic perfectly, you will need the best Sniper Rifle in MW3. You can now get all information regarding the gun you need to select, in the guide below.

Which is the Best Quickscope Sniper in MW3?

Best Quickscope Sniper In MW3
Source – Cbass on YouTube

If you have just started the process of learning the Quickscope technique or have been using it since the mechanic was introduced, the best Sniper Rifle in the game will help you carry out precise kills while taking out enemies. You can choose the Longbow as it has the range and damage you are looking for. Additionally, you can also refer to the adjustments we have mentioned below.

Best Longbow Adjustments

  • Underbarrel: XTEN TX-12 Handstop
  • Stock: Stockless
  • Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser Light
  • Rear Grip: Citadel LV Tactical Grip
  • Barrel: Pro-99 Long Barrel

You will notice the adjustments make an overall difference, like the XTEN TX-12 Handstop will help you boost the ADS speed. Selecting the Stockless option will help you move freely.

The SL Razorhawk Laser Light helps buff the speed and is perfect while using this technique. Even though the Pro-99 Long Barrel might make this weapon feel a tad bit heavy, along with the Citadel LV Tactical Grip, you can increase your sprint-to-fire speed.

Now that you know which is the best quickscope sniper in MW3, you can make use of this weapon and start using this mechanic in the game to end your foes, immediately.

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