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Lost Ark Card Catalog Is Full Fix

Opened a card pack but was unable to add some of them to your catalog? Your card catalog might be full in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has quite a complex card system and one of the issues with this system players are facing is the card catalog is full. What this issue does is, let’s say you open a card set and get 7 cards you might be able to add 3-4 cards to your catalog. But won’t be able to add the remaining cards. So in this guide let us check what you can do with the card catalog is full error in Lost Ark and how to fix it.

How to Fix the Card Catalog is Full Error in Lost Ark

lost ark card catalog is full fix
Image Credit: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) on YouTube

You can fix the Card Catalog is full issue by buying card storage or catalog expansion. This is no error as such rather it is a game mechanic. Many people are finding this mechanic infuriating and you can check the reaction of these players in the Lost Ark forums here. It is as NativeGaming on Lost Ark forums has explained. You can solve this problem in three ways.

  • Expand your Card Storage
  • Expand your Card Catalog
  • Destroy the cards

Although you don’t necessarily have to destroy the cards and you can store them in your bank storage. Thanks to user u/Ballistic_78 on Reddit for sharing this workaround. You can check the Reddit thread here.
And as for expanding your storage, you can do that by exchanging your gold for the blue crystals.

How to Expand your Card Catalog

You can expand your card catalog by using blue crystals. You can either exchange gold for blue crystals or directly buy the blue crystals as a premium currency. Lastly, you can also expand your Card Deck slot for 500 gold.

In case you don’t know how the cards work then you should check our detailed guides on the Best Card sets and how to get, equip, & upgrade cards in Lost Ark.

That covers everything you should know about the card catalog is full in Lost Ark and how to fix it. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on the sea of indolence mechanics guide, how to clear shadespire floor 48, and the uses of the solar, sand, & tide dream instruments in Lost Ark.