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Lost Ark: How To Get & Equip Cards?

Here's our guide on how to equip cards in Lost Ark.

You can never run out of things to do in Lost Ark as it is fully jammed with different and intriguing mechanics. Taking an element from gacha games, Lost Ark has introduced cards and a card collection as you collect them. These cards are collectibles that can be obtained in several ways. You can get these cards from completing quests, buying packs, or looting from raids and dungeons. As you collect these cards, you can create a card deck and a card book to enhance your character’s power level significantly. These cards provide buffs and passive bonuses to the character when equipped. So, here’s our guide on how to equip cards in Lost Ark.


How to Get & Equip Cards in Lost Ark?

There are six card slots in a card deck. You won’t be able to receive bonuses if you place random cards in a deck. This is why you need to add at least two cards of the same categories to activate the bonus. As you add three, four, five, or six cards of the same category you receive higher bonuses. Follow these steps to equip cards in Lost Ark:

  • Hit Alt + C to open your card catalog that features all the cards you have collected till now.
  • Then select the Equip tab on the top-left.
  • Pick and drop the cards you want to select to the card deck section.
  • Once you have added all the cards in the card deck, you can look for the set bonus you will receive to the right of the card deck section.
lost ark equip cards
Image Source – Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) on YouTube.

What is a Card Book?

  • Once you have collected all the cards in the same category, you will unlock a card book.
  • These books provide passive bonuses and increase the stat of all the characters in the card book.
  • You can go to the Book tab which is to the right of the Equip tab to check the number of cards collected to unlock a card book.
lost ark equip card book
Image Source – Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) on YouTube.

How to Upgrade Cards in Lost Ark?

Follow these steps to upgrade your cards:

  • Press Alt+C to open your cards catalog.
  • Go to the enhance tab which is to the right of the Book tab.
  • Select the card out of all the cards you want to upgrade.
  • You will have to spend XP points and silver to upgrade your cards.
lost ark how to upgrade cards
Image Source – Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) on YouTube.
  • Now, you can also feed duplicates of the card to upgrade its level.
  • If you drop one duplicate card to upgrade, it will increase its level by one.
  • You can upgrade any of the cards to the maximum level of five.

Can’t Equip Cards or Cards not Showing up in Lost Ark?

Many of the players are unable to equip the cards in Lost Ark. For some players, the card they want to add to a card deck is grey in color and un-selectable. There are also cases where some players are worried about their cards not showing up. While some players might be treating it as a bug or an issue within the game, let us confirm it is not.

There are certain cards you can equip in a card deck while there are some cards that are added in a card book. Thus, certain cards are not showing up in the equip tab. And this is also why players are not able to equip certain cards. Not to worry because both criteria will provide bonuses to your characters in different ways. As a card deck will provide increased buffs to the selected characters, card books provide bonuses and increased stat to all the characters in your roster.


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