Where Is The Captain Construct 2 In TOTK?

Trying to upgrade your armor but are low on Captain Construct 2 Horns in Zelda TOTK? Here is how to get them.

Zelda TOTK is filled with formidable enemies who drop a variety of items and materials when defeated. One such enemy is Captain Construct 2 of Tears of the Kingdom. He is an uncommon being who will drop two useful items: Captain Construct II Horn and Zonai Charge. In TOTK Captain Construct 2 isn’t the only enemy that drops the Zonai Charge, but Captain Construct 2 Horn is a different thing. The item is used for strengthening weapons & shields and upgrading a type of armor. When low on monster parts, it can be used in Elixir too.

Once you have collected the Captain Construct 2 Horns and used them for the task you were aiming, you can check back here to know where you can use extra ones.

How to Get Captain Construct 2 Horn in Zelda TOTK

How to Get Captain Construct 2 Horn in Zelda TOTK
Image Credit: Halutena on YouTube

West Necluda and Lanayru Sky Archipelago are the two regions where you’ll primarily find the Captain Construct 2. They aren’t common, so not all camps have the Captain Construct II. Use Sensor+ to track them easily. Now, while we were exploring these regions to find the enemy, we were able to track five locations with them:

  • In Kanalet Ridge of Akkala Highlands: 3270, 1988, 0163
  • North of Hills of Baumer: 0447, -1599, 0010
  • Wellspring Island: 3322, 0561, 1369
  • In Sifumin Shrine: 2826, -3270, 0092
  • In Zakusu Shrine: 3526, -1482, 0182

Apart from these locations, you’ll find a Construct in Yansamin Shrine (2351, -1783, 1490), which drops Captain 2 Blade. We’ll add more locations with coordinates, as we find them.

How to Use Captain Construct 2 Horn in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Upgrade these armor pieces:
    • Zonaite Helm
    • Zonaite Shin Guards
    • Zonaite Waistguard
  • Fuse them with weapons or shields to increase attack power by 15.

These were all the locations to find Captain Construct 2 in TOTK. We have covered many Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guides. If you are interested in learning more about the game, you should skim through the Zelda TOTK section. Start by reading what to do with ChuChu Jelly and learn how to kill Worms.