How To Kill The Worm Cave Monsters In TOTK

How to kill the Worms in TOTK? Like Likes, the giant creatures found throughout Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, can initially seem intimidating. However, with the right strategy, these tough enemies can easily be defeated. Your first encounter with a ‘Like Like’ will likely come early in the Bottomless Cave on the Great Sky Island.

The large worms that lurk in caves hide most of their bodies in the cave walls and floor, exposing only their heads. From this position, they can spit elemental projectiles like fireballs or icicles at adventurers exploring the caves. We’ll explain how to kill the Worm Cave monsters in TotK.

How Do I Kill Worm Cave Monsters in TotK?

Best Way to Defeat the Worm Cave Monsters in TotK

To defeat a worm monster, you’ll first need to draw its full body out of hiding. This can be done by getting in range and having it attempt to bite you with its large jaws. Dodge the snap of its teeth, then immediately counter with a ranged attack aimed at its exposed face. Fire arrows work very well, as fire seems to cause them great pain.

If you make contact with a fiery projectile, the worm will recoil in agony. Its writhing will temporarily cause the rest of its long body to emerge from the stone. Deliver powerful melee strikes with your strongest weapon—slash, smash, or stab anywhere along its length to whittle down its health.

The monster will eventually retreat underground to escape your onslaught. But you know its pattern – bait it out again with careful positioning, then pelt it with arrows or bombs. With persistence, its hit points will drain, and the cave will shake as it exhales its last breath.

What is the Reward for Killing Worm Cave Monsters?

Upon defeating a worm monster, it will drop a few items. The first is a Like Like Stone, a rare material that can be used to upgrade armor and weapons. Its thrashing body will also dislodge a hidden treasure chest. Inside, you may find treasures like Opals.

That’s all you need to kill the Worm Cave monsters in TotK. You can also read our other guide on how to get Mighty Thistle in Tears of Kingdom. Also, check out our TOTK guides on Gamer Tweak.