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MW2 Can’t Play With Friends On Free Weekend: How To Fix

Unable to play MW2 with friends? Check out our guide on how to fix can't play Modern Warfare 2 free weekend with friends issue.

Since the launch of COD Modern Warfare 2, players and critics have been sharing their mixed reviews. But players that have been wanting to try out the MW2 Multiplayer mode have a sweet opportunity. With free weekend access for a limited time, players can try the multiplayer out to get a teaser of this FPS game. Having said that, these players are unable to play multiplayer with their friends. But is there a fix for this issue? Check out our guide on can’t play MW2 free weekend with friends to find out.


Can’t Play Modern Warfare 2 Free Weekend With Friends Fix

cant play mw2 free weekend with friends

Due to some issues, players cannot play the MW2 free weekend access with their friends. Thanks to the Reddit user/ThinkTry123, we have a workaround to resolve this issue. So, here’s how to fix the can’t play free weekend access with friends:

  • Before you start the match, you need to have a friend that owns the game. Since the person owning MW2 doesn’t get kicked out, don’t make them your group leader.
  • Hit the Ready button to search for the matches. But before that, make other players the group leader.
  • If there are three players in the lobby, the two players not owning the game should switch to being the group leader.
  • You have to be fast in swapping the group leader while the match is queuing up or it can result in getting kicked out.
  • You need to follow this workaround to play with your friends every time loading up into the free trial weekend.

Why does the MW2 Free Trial doesn’t Work with Friends?

The answer to this question is that free multiplayer access applies only to limited maps and modes. You have access to simply three maps including the Shipment, Farm 18, and El Asilo. Furthermore, there are also limited modes that you can play in Modern Warfare 2 for the free weekend. This includes the Tom, Kill Confirmed, Domination, & Hardpoint game modes. So, to play the free trial or weekend, you can either follow the above workaround. Or you can purchase MW2 to play with your friends.


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