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COD MW2 Recon By Fire Bugs: How To Fix

Unable to complete the Recon by fire mission? Check out our guide on how to fix the Recon by Fire bugs in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 features a plethora of unique gameplay elements and mechanics to the COD franchise. But having said that, it also has several shortcomings due to bugs and glitches. One of these includes the Recon by Fire mission which is filled with such bugs or glitches as we progress. You may encounter bugs like not seeing the next objective after eliminating all the enemies through the thermal scope. Or the Vehicle guards not leaving the car. And many more throughout the mission. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to fix MW2 Recon by Fire Bugs.


How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Recon by Fire Bugs

recon by fire mw2 bug

Mentioned below are all the Recon by fire bugs/glitches and how to resolve them in MW2:

No Objective Fix

As you progress through the Recon by Fire, you will get a choice between clearing out the garage or the living quarters building. For the players that chose the Garage are encountering an odd bug as they are unable to see any objective. Players are also unable to see Captain Price anywhere.


To resolve this bug, you can choose to pass through the living quarters building instead. When you see a washing machine, interact with it to find Captain Price helping you to move the machine. Then, you will be able to progress through the machine usually with assigned objectives rather than seeing a “Searchobjective.

Stuck on Eliminate All Guards Bug Solution

Several players are unable to complete the Eliminate all Guards objective as part of the mission. As players eliminate all the guards, they are still prompted with this objective.


The only solution to resolve this issue is to restart from the last checkpoint. But before you do so, we suggest checking if you have eliminated all the guards. Hopefully, restarting from the last checkpoint should resolve this issue.

Vehicle Guards Not Leaving Fix

When the guards patrol the fields, you have to sneak out of the way by taking their car. For some players, the vehicle guards don’t leave at all. Due to this issue, players are unable to progress through the mission.


To resolve this issue, you can eliminate the vehicle guards directly. Alternatively, you can use distractions such as Frag or Smoke grenades to snipe them from a distance. Not to worry as you won’t have to suffer any consequences. It also does not affect your “Nobody was there” Achievement or Trophy.

Enemy Respawning Bug Solution – Recon by Fire in MW2

The Respawning enemies bug has plagued several players as they continue with Recon by fire mission in MW2. As soon as players move or see another way, the eliminated enemies respawn to attack them. Some of these enemies also equip high leveled armor. So, it can be an impossible task to take out all the enemies as they keep on respawning.

  • You can take out these enemies using different combat tactics to resolve this bug. Instead of killing these enemies with weapons, you can kill them by planting a C4 or throwing frag grenades.
  • Another way to resolve this bug is by clearing out the other building to check if it helps.
  • Lastly, we suggest restarting this objective from the last checkpoint to fix this issue.

Can’t Open Container or Crate Fix

For the last objective, players are unable to open the Container. You can resolve this bug by leaving the location and coming back. If the crate or container does not open again, you can restart the mission from the last checkpoint.

If any one of the above workarounds doesn’t resolve the bug or glitch for you, we suggest heading to Activision Support. As you head there, submit a Ticket describing your issue with the mission and objectives. Hopefully, the assistance team will revert to you with a suitable workaround in some time. We also hope Infinity Ward resolves these bugs or glitches in their upcoming updates for Modern Warfare 2.

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