Cairn Downfall Location In Diablo 4 (Champion’s Demise)

Since the map of Diablo 4 is massive, players are having difficulty finding the Cairn Downfall location. While some locations are inside dungeons, others like Caldeum are hidden behind story progression. In the case of Cairn Downfall, you can access it in the first act itself. However, it is located inside a dangerous dungeon full of monsters. Moreover, this dungeon requires you to find and carry three stone carvings and place them on the pedestals. In this guide, you will learn where to find Cairn Downfall in Diablo 4.

Where to Find Cairn Downfall in Diablo 4 (Location)

Cairn Downfall Location on Map
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube

To reach Cairn Downfall in Diablo 4, players must find the Champions Demise dungeon. This dungeon is located in the Untamed Scarps region of the Dry Steppes area. It is located to the west of Kyovashad and the best way to reach there is through the Jirandai Waypoint.

How to Complete Cairn Downfall in Diablo IV

As you enter Cairn Downfall, you’ll notice an area with three pedestals and multiple paths branching out in different directions. Your objective is to find three Stone Carvings and place them on the pedestals. To complete the Champion’s Demise dungeon:

  1. Follow a branching path and find the Stone Carving.
  2. Return to the pedestal and place it. You cannot get all the carvings at once.
  3. Mobs like Moon Clan ‘Khazra’, Shamans, and Goatmen will attack you as soon as you pick up the stone carving.
  4. To make sure you return safely to the pedestal, we recommend you use AoE attacks or Aspects like Whirlwind (Barbarian).
  5. We also recommend you carry multiple health regen potions since the horde of enemies can get overwhelming.
  6. Defeat the Cairn Defilers i.e. elite Moon Clan Shamans with affixes after placing the stone carvings on the pedestals.
  7. Placing all the Stone Carvings opens the gate to the dungeon boss.
  8. Defeat the Khazra Abomination who uses poison pool smash attacks.

Once defeat the dungeon boss, you will be rewarded with the Aspect of the Umbral. You can use this Legendary Aspect with any class build, so make sure you grab it.

We hope this location guide helped you find Cairn Downfall in Diablo 4 and complete it. For more helpful guides like how to unlock Necromancer Book of the Dead, visit our D4 guides section soon.