How To Get Into Caldeum In Diablo 4

While playing Diablo 4, players who’ve finished Act 4 and Act 5 are not being able to enter Caldeum and are looking for ways to get into it. This glorious city in the Kehjistan region featured in Diablo 3 remains closed off in this new iteration. However, this city has important features like a waypoint and multiple altars. Players tried entering this city from the southern as well as the eastern entrance but to no avail. This is not due to a glitch but a simple matter of progression. In this guide, we will tell you how to get into the city of Caldeum in Diablo IV.

How to Enter Caldeum in Diablo 4

Caldeum Entrance in Diablo IV
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube

As we mentioned, the entrance to Caldeum is locked behind Diablo 4’s campaign progression. To enter Caldeum, players must simply complete the main quests till they reach the second quest in Act 6 called “The Jewel of The East”. This is the final act in Diablo 4’s main quests before the epilogue. So it can be a while before you enter Caldeum. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of getting into this city:

  1. Complete the final quest in Act 5 called “A Chorus of Voices”.
  2. Then, head over to the Tarsarak waypoint to regroup with Lorath and Donan and start the “Evil Stirs in Kehjistan” quest.
  3. Once you complete the previous quest, Neyrelle will inform you that Lorath and Donan followed Knights marching into Caldeum.
  4. This will unlock the next quest called “The Jewel of the East”, which is another name for the city Caldeum.
  5. Now, make your way from the Tarsarak waypoint towards the quest marker and enter the city of Caldeum through its eastern gate.
  6. You’ll face blood rain as you cross the Caldeum Bazaar and you’ll meet Donan and Lorath a bit further.

Now that you’re in Caldeum, you can complete the quests or explore the city for waypoints and altars.

That’s all from us on how to get into Caldeum in Diablo 4. As you progress, you may face a glitch during the “Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons” part. You can visit our D4 guides to fix this glitch and for more helpful guides.

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