Diablo 4 ‘Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons’ Bug Fix

While completing the quest The Scouring of Caldeum, we came across a strange glitch after trying to ‘Rejoin our Allies’. One of the objectives in this quest, ‘Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons’ and its quest marker seems to be bugged and we were stuck till we could find a working solution. So if your allies are not moving ahead in the ‘Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons’ objective, our guide will help you get through it in Diablo 4. The solution is relatively simple but you will still have to go through the hassle that this bug fix brings.

Diablo 4 Allies Stuck & Not Moving Forward in The Scouring of Caldeum Quest

Diablo 4 Bug 'Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons' Fix

If the allies are stuck after ‘Rejoin your Allies’ and won’t move ahead during the next ‘Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons’ section, players need to log out and then log on to Diablo 4 again. While it sounds quite easy, there is also a troublesome part of this bug fix. One of the previous objectives of The Scouring of Caldeum quest is Defeat the Demon Commander where you have to beat Uznu the Annihilator in a boss fight. When players log in again, players may have to defeat Uznu once more. However, once you do that, you will be able to get rid of the bug and complete the quest.

After you defeat him, you will have to rejoin with your allies. The most important part is that players need to head back the same way they came for the boss fight against Uznu the Annihilator. You will come across ladders that you can use to get down. Make sure you go down both the ladders to reach where you need to be.

Diablo IV Allies are Stuck Error Fix

Next, players need to use the quest marker and walk all the way till they reach the massive knight. The massive knight will break down the door and you will be able to progress.

Diablo IV Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons Bug Fix

Although this fix is working, you can report this bug to Blizzard Support and hope that it does not turn up after one of the patches. Also, you can check out our video to understand the allies are stuck bug and how to fix it in Diablo 4:

That’s all we have on the allies are stuck bug in the ‘Help Defend Your Allies Against Demons’ objective of Diablo 4. Since you are playing Diablo 4, do check out our dedicated section right here at Gamer Tweak.

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