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How To Unlock Vendor In The Surge 2 – Buy & Sell Items

Trade left overs for cash

In The Surge 2 you will soon unlock a vendor where you can trade items for money. This can be later used to buy some new stuff directly from Molly Fox the import and export vendor In Seaside Court. If you had not yet seen the vendor then there is the way to unlock Buy and Sell in The Surge 2. The vendor is pretty easy to find and I will also show you another Vendor who will sell your Drone Implants in Seaside Court. Remember both of these and also in the same place you will get a Prophets Keycards that will help you to progress further to Port Nixon, I am adding all three locations in this guide.

How To Unlock Buy & Sell – Vendors Shop


Seaside court is your next destination in the Surge 2 where you will unlock further levels along with two vendors and a time for refreshment that does nothing at all. Seaside Court is an fairly visible place and as you keep progressing you will land up at a bridge blocked by a Boss type enemy that will drop Astir Plasma Agur Weapon a single-rigger weapon but still AID Type 4 is the best weapon in the Surge 2.

Unlock Vendor The Surge 2

After entering Seaside Court, you will be in some kind of hub from where you can return back to Jericho City. After entering the first thing on the left is a Medbay, activate it first and use to upgrade your Core Module to level up and earn Module points for upgrading Health and Stamina. There are few more exo-suit soldiers around, you can talk to them.


Molly Fox – Vendor In Seaside Court

Go straight till the end and look on the right corner for Molly Fox, standing below Import and Export banner. She is your vendor and she is unlocked instantly but won’t be able to sell anything for the time being. Choose the option you got any custom wares for a specialist? and you will unlock her Buy and Sell Menu. From Buy you will see which includes audio logs, Omni-cells, Exo-suit parts, and if you hit the Sell menu then you can sell everything in your inventory. Including Drone Implants, Implants, exo-suit parts, etc.

Unlock Vendor The Surge 2


From Molly Fox, you can simply buy and sell a variety of items just visit her back anytime to purchase new items or sell your existing unused items for beefing up the wallet. There is another vendor who can sell you Drone Implants, his name is Rex Drone Implants. You can find him upstairs, on the right corner. He can give you a mission Find what Happen to April but for this, you have to steal his plastic rose that is on the right, just stand on the glowing object in the right corner near his shop and start talking to Rex. Ask him about his Ex and you will unlock the mission.

Turn around and on your right will be a room with two guards praying outside, you will find Brother Eli talk to him to acquire The Prophets Keycards. To get more info on how to access Port Nixon and fight Johny then read our guide – Little Jhonny Boss fight.

After talking to Brother Eli go to the upper floor and talk to Mr. Scrappy vending machine. You can exchange audio logs collectible with him for rewards.


Penny – Vendor In Port  Nixon

The second one is in Port Nixon, is located in Paper Street. From Residential Rooftops, continue towards the pipe where you will meet Mortimer Grideon The Third. This pipe entrance is blocked by a Level 3 enemy who will drop S&R Jackass Weapon. Talk to the person in the right towards the open area where you will fight another enemy who will drop Spark Defender Arms Gear schematics and Punishing Slashbrand Weapon that comes with 102 damage, +60% Energy gain, and 22 Electricity damage.

Walk over the truck to access a broken wall that leads to Residential Back alleys. Continue walking till you reach a toxic pond, you will have to go down towards the pipes which are an entrance to Paper street, on the left of the stairs, look for the jammed door. Unlock it to access Penny’s shop.

Similar to Molly you can trade items with Penny in Port Nixon. Each of these vendors will give you a task, after fullfilling them you can access more items from their shop. There is a secret of Penny after you bring her spares back, she will show you her real face.