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How To Unlock S&R Jacksaw In The Surge 2 – Twin-Rigged High Damage Weapon

You cannot miss this high damage weapon

S&R Jacksaw is a Twin-rigged weapon found in Port Nixon, it will unlock after you enter into Port Nixon after meeting Brother Eli in the Seaside Court who will ask you to deal with Little Johnny. S&R Jacksaw is dropped by a Level 3 enemy that brings 122 damage compared to 119 damage of AID Type-4 Hammer. So if you are bored using the hammer in the Surge 2 then there is one more weapon that can give you a little more damage thus reducing your efforts of killing enemies. In this Surge 2 Weapon Guide, I will show you the location of the enemy who will drop S&R Jacksaw in Port Nixon.

Where to find S&R Jacksaw High Damage Weapon


After entering into Port Nixon from Seaside Court, walk left, and continue right kill down a few spiders and take the stairs in the center. It leads to hooks but you cannot use it, there is a thin path on left takes that to unlock a Medbay ahead. You will also see a message from Little Johnny, look for access to Residental Rooftops, kill a few enemies and take the stairs in the left corner that will take you a platform with a big red cloth on it.

This is where you will face a few more enemies and one them will drop  S&R Jacksaw, use the drone to take down laser, an Level 3 enemy will spawn. Kill him and he will drop S&R Jacksaw weapon. The enemy himself will use the jacksaw on you, his attacks are good enough to kill you instantly but if you are somewhere above Level 23 then it is not that tough to defeat him.

S&R Jacksaw comes with 122 Damage, and 100% attack speed. It offers +40% Energy Gain and consumes 80% stamina. It is a good high damage weapon you can use in replacement of AID Type 4 Hammer.