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How To Unlock AID Type-4 Authority Hammer In The Surge 2

A pretty hefty high damage weapon

The Surge 2 has plenty of enemies dropping weapons as you progress through the main story. One of it is a stronger hammer category weapon with high damage. It is dropped by an enemy with a shield and I will give you the exact location from where you can find it. This weapon brings a little high damage by default, giving you a chance to take down stronger enemies instantly. But killing the boss to unlock A.I.D Type-4 Authority is not easy, you have to be quick and patient in this battle. So let’s begin.

Where to find A.I.D Type-4 Authority Hammer


Before the bridge that leads to Canal Black Alley, there is a way on the right. Look for a crashed car and walk till the end.  This is JCPD Balley alley region where you will face a few enemies at the start and three enemies just outside a locked door that leads to the Detention Center.  Killing all the enemies will give you keycard to unlock the door towards the Detention Center, but we have to go opposite. Look for the bridge on your left just on the opposite of the locked door.

Walk all the way up and you will find the game Map. Continue walking and soon you will spot a Level 3 enemy with Shield. Hopefully, if you are somewhere above Level 21 with enough gears like arm, leg, etc you can deal with him. Usually, every player will be somewhere above Level 21 with a complete exo-suite. The key to killing this enemy is Evade, you have to play defensive a lot here.

AID Type-4 Authority Hammer Location: Riverside Street – Port Nixon Exit


There are two guards on the bridge and I am sure you will not like to fight both of them at the same time. Lure one of them away below the bridge to a bigger open area. Only one will follow so it will easier to tackle. You can use the drone to distract the second one and the right begins.

Use Charge Attacks to break the shield first, and then proceed with your combos. Always focus on maintaining a decent distance, the enemy can block all your combos. So breaking the shield is very important. I used the spear, an upgraded one because it gave me a good range to hit the shields. Another issue with the shielded enemy is that it recovers really fast from your attacks, and ready to hit back.

To be on the safe side, attack once or twice and evade back fast. Use the horizontal attacks on him wherever possible. A.I.D Type-4 Authority hammer gives a very high range to the enemy he can be swift in swing and hit you hard instantly before you notice and block it. Attack only when the enemy is done with his attacks, he will pause for a while. Jump in fast, attack a few times and get back.


Wait for the Finisher icon on the head, as soon as it appears to end the story for final and collect your new hammer weapon A.I.D Type-4 Authority. The weapon comes with 119 damage with 95% attack speed. It offers +40% energy gain and consumes 105% stamina. A.I.D Type-4 Authority is best for taking down enemies with shield, one charge attack and done the shield is broken also, it is a good block against heavy incoming attacks.

Upgrade this weapon and there is no need to worry much about armored enemies.