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How To Charge Attacks In The Surge 2 – Combat Tips

Want to destroy shields?

Charge Attacks are important in The Surge 2, they are your best attacks against enemies with shields and stronger attachments. Charge attacks will help you to use a little more power to break down enemies with shields and save your time in killing them so you can preserve some Stamina. Charge attacks will unlock a little letter when you had gone through Canal Back Alley and killed a few enemies. This is the same place where you will unlock three to four new weapons, level and unlock new implants. So let’s learn about how to use charge attack sin The Surge 2.

How To Use Charge Attacks In The Surge 2


When you find an enemy with a shield or a stronger attachment it is best to charge your attack before you engage in the battle. One of the best ways is to perform a Stealth Kill that is Backstab it is an true time saver. You don’t really have to tackle an enemy into a fight, with Backstab you can just perform two moves and the enemy is dead.

Still, if this fails then there is a Charge Attack mode, press RB or RT to charge your attacks in the fight. Charge attacks if performed well will grant more energy. So when you are in the fight mode use RB or RT to constantly charge your attacks and use to break enemy shields. Most of them will be Level 3 enemies with a strong shield and lethal combo moves, Drone attacks do not work on shields so it is completely worthless to use it. You have to use Charge Attacks to break the shields first and then use your combos to take down enemies.

Charge Attacks works differently compared to a regular one, for example, if you are using the Axe when you charge your attack your character will use two axes in both hands and perform a combo move that can release three non-stop hit on an enemy.


Enemy with the yellow label is with shields and red are with attachments, when you see the icon on the enemy use charge attacks against them. In case you are landed into a boss fight then injection shot are the consumables that will help you to instantly restore your Health. There is an implant in the game that can make this auto whenever the health is low the implant will auto-inject using the Stamina. Read our guide How To Get Max Health, Stamina And Battery to know more.