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How To Stealth Kill In The Surge 2 – Backstab Kill

Quietly Kill Enemies

There will be a ton of enemies blocking your path, it is best to avoid any kind of attention by performing a safe Stealth Kill called Backstab in The Surge 2. It is the fastest way to clear your path if you do not want to waste your Health and Stamina on every enemy. Stronger armored enemies carrying a weapon can be killed easily using Backstab move, so in this Surge 2 combat tips, I will show you how to take down an enemy using a simple stealth kill technique.

How To Backstab Enemy in Surge 2 – Stealth Kill Tips


Stealth kill is simple and straight forward in The Surge 2, you have to approach an enemy from behind. Hopefully, if he turns around then the fight will begin where you have to use your combat moves and weapons to kill him. Once you spot an enemy set your focus attack on the Torso, look for a yellow Label icon which will certainly the center of the back or you can also target the left or right leg to immobile the enemy.

Lock and quietly walk towards the enemy press RB on Xbox One or R1 on PS4 console and perform a quiet Backstab kill. Your character will perform two moves to kill enemy in this Stealth mode. First, if you had selected one of the legs, it will cut down making the enemy fall on the ground and then chop off his head. Sweat and simple yet lethal enough to kill any strong enemy in your way instantly.

Perform Stealth kill only if you have enough Stamina left, at least above 80%, Health is not really required. Stealth kill or Backstab kill in The Surge 2 will also grant you around 10 to 15% of battery. It will save a ton of your time in collecting parts from enemies bodies and above will preserve your health for coming battles.