How To Breed Shadowbeak In Palworld

These are the Shadowbeak breeding combos that can be used to hatch this Pal and the combinations that create more unique offspring.

Shadowbeak is a Dark-element griffin and a legendary flying mount that can also drop Pal Metal Ingot, Carbon Fiber and Innovative Technical Manual. In terms of Work Suitability, it’s only got Gathering level 1 which isn’t much at all, but it is one of the best flying mounts to have, plus it’s a great option to absorb damage when you’re up against bosses. For this and more, here’s how to breed Shadowbeak in Palworld and the best breeding combinations to use with it.

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How to Breed Shadowbeak in Palworld (Breeding Combos)

The breeding combos of Pals that can get you a Shadowbeak are Kitsun + Astegon and Shadowbeak + Shadowbeak.

Once you have bred this Pal, you will need the Shadowbeak Saddle to ride on it, and it can be crafted with 50 Leather, 25 Venom Glands, 45 Paldium Fragments and 40 Refined Ingots.

If you don’t have a Shadowbeak yet, here’s where to find a Kitsun and Astegon for breeding.

kitsun and astegon map locations in palworld
Kitsun and Astegon map locations in Palworld. Image source:

Do note that you need to have one male and one female pal to ensure breeding is completed successfully and you get a Huge Dark Egg which can hatch into a Shadowbeak.

But in case you are going for the second type of breeding of Shadowbeak with another Shadowbeak, the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island is where you can fight and capture this pal.

Shadowbeak Map Location
Shadowbeak Map Location. Image source:

Which Pals can breed with Shadowbeak?

These are the best breeding combos with Shadowbeak:

  • Shadowbeak + Mossanda = Menasting
  • Shadowbeak + Elizabee = Helzephyr
  • Shadowbeak + Penking = Relaxaurus
  • Shadowbeak + Nitewing = Beakon
  • Shadowbeak + Cryolinx = Cryolinx
  • Shadowbeak + Eikthyrdeer = Cinnamoth
  • Shadowbeak + Pyrin Noct = Astegon

This was all about breeding Shadowbeak in Palworld. To get more unique and powerful Pals, you need to understand various breeding combinations and we’ve detailed them in our linked articles – don’t forget to check them out!