How To Breed Boo’qwurm (aka Bookworm, Bookwurm) In My Singing Monsters

Here is what you can do to breed Boo'qwurm Bookworm in My Singing Monsters and have this Bookwurm play Bombo drum.

Boo’qwurm is a Bookworm of My Singing Monsters that you can breed and purchase. Bookwurm is helpful as it has a special way of dealing with rambunctious creatures. It is an exceptionally well-read monster who wears glasses and is always holding a book in one hand. And Boo’qwurm is a seasonal monster you can teleport to Seasonal Shanty once it reaches level 15, so you should try all the methods of guide to breed and gain profit from it.

My Singing Monsters Boo’qwurm (Bookworm) Breeding Combinations

How To Breed Bookworm In My Singing Monsters

Boo’qwurm Bookworm is an Aux.Seasonal class monster you can breed in Psychic Island and Seasonal Shanty. In Psychic Island, you breed it during MindBoggle season. MindBoggle mostly takes place in August. You can also purchase this monster from Psychic for 225 Diamonds and Seasonal for 500 Diamonds whenever they are available.

In 2023, developers introduced Boo’qwurm and the Dipsters for the Psychic Island celebration. You can breed Periscorp and Bonkers in Psychic Island to get Bookwurm during the season. But if you missed this season, you can try breeding Schmoochle and Hoola in Seasonal Shanty for it. Now that you know the process, you should dive into the steps to get My Singing Monsters Boo’qwurm Bookworm.

  • Launch the game and go to Psychic Island or Seasonal Shanty.
  • Now tap on the breeding structure and choose Periscorp and Bonkers or Schmoochle and Hoola, depending on where you are breeding it.
  • Then press the Breed button and start the process. If you breed the Boo’qwurm Bookworm egg, then incubate it for the Bookwurm.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get the monster on your first try, so keep repeating the process till you hatch one.

That’s all about how to breed Boo’qwurm Bookworm in My Singing Monsters. We have covered many My Singing Monsters breeding guides, so if you are curious, check our MSM guides. Start by breeding Monculus and then hatch the Gobbleygourd.