How To Breed Monculus On Ethereal Island In MSM?

Monculus the Seasonal Monster is back on the Ethereal Island in My Singing Monsters and players are looking to breed it. As it is a seasonal monster you won’t get it all year round, rather it is only available for a limited time. Once gone you will have to wait for the next year to try and get it. So here is what you should know about breeding it in MSM.

How to Breed Monculus on Ethereal Island in My Singing Monsters?

My Singing Monsters Breed Monculus on Ethereal Island

The confirmed two monsters that breed Monculus on Ethereal Island are currently unknown. But worry not we have listed down a few monster combinations which will give you a better chance of breeding it:

  • Ghazt and Whisp
  • Reebro and Nebublob
  • Whisp and Jillbilly
  • Reebro and Whisp

Remember these aren’t guaranteed to give you a Monculus but players all over Reddit and other platforms claim these combinations to have worked for them. There is also a chance that any of these combinations might actually work but you don’t get Monculus because of its low drop rate.

Other Ways to Get Monculus in MSM

Ethereal Island isn’t the only island in the game that allows you to breed Monculus. There are two more ways for you to get it and they are:

  • Buy it from Wublin Island: On the market of Wublin Island, you can buy yourself the Inactive form of Monculus for 2250 Coins. And if you want to activate it you will need to use the required Monster Eggs on it.
  • Breeding Yool and Hoola: Seasonal Shanty is a place that holds all Seasonal Monsters. You can breed a Monculus here. Simply Breed Yool and Hoola and you will have a chance to get Monculus. Just like Ethereal Island, there is no guarantee that you will breed it immediately, but you should be able to get this monster after a few tries.

That covers this guide on how to Breed Monculus in MSM and other ways to get it. If you need help getting more monsters then check out our Breeding guide for My Singing Monsters.

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