How To Breed Gobbleygourd In My Singing Monsters (Explained)

Here are all the breeding combinations used to unlock Gobbleygourd in My Singing Monsters.

Gobbleygourd of My Singing Monsters is a cute turkey-style creature you can breed and purchase. Since buying the creature can be a lot for players, it is always best to use the affordable monster breeding method. So use this and breed Gobbleygourd to hear gobbley-gobbley-goo.

My Singing Monsters: How to Breed Gobbleygourd (Breeding Combinations)

Breed Gobbleygourd MSM

Gobbleygourd is a seasonal element monster with Feast-Ember. We get three types of Gobbleygourd: Gobbleygourd, Rare Gobbleygourd, and Epic Gobbleygourd. Breed Kayna and Glowl in Fire Haven and Fire Oasis during Feast-Ember season to get the creature. But if you missed the season, you can also try breeding Punkleton and Yool in Seasonal Shanty. Since you have learned the process, let us dive into the steps to breed My Singing Monsters Gobbleygourd.

  • Launch the game and go to Fire Oasis, Fire Haven, or Seasonal Shanty.
  • Now tap on the breeding structure and select Kayna and Glowl or Punkleton and Yool. Depending on where you are performing the process.
  • Next, press the Breed button and start the incubation.
  • Lastly, please wait for the process to end and breed Gobbleygourd in My Singing Monsters.

Seasonal Shanty lets you breed some seasonal monsters out of season, but like others, it also does not guarantee to give specific creatures. This is why players who need to obtain Gobbleygourd fast can purchase it from Fire Haven and Oasis for 225 Diamonds and 500 Diamonds in the Seasonal Shanty.

If you want to breed Gobbleygourd during the season but cannot because you don’t have Kayna and Glowl, keep reading, as we have also covered it. Kayna cannot be bred as of now. The only method of obtaining it is through purchase. You can buy it for the cost of 10 Relics. As for the Glowl, you can breed Tweedle and Kayna or purchase it for 50 Relics.

This is all players need to do to breed Gobbleygourd in My Singing Monsters. Once you have obtained this creature, you should look for more seasonal ones and read how to get Hoola and how to obtain Schmoochle.