My Singing Monsters Schmoochle – How To Breed?

Read this guide to learn how to breed Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters.

The Schmoochle is a two-headed monster that you can also breed in My Singing Monsters. It is covered in brightly-colored feathers, predominantly featuring shades of pink and white. What makes the Schmoochle special is its ability to make monsters placed near it happier by 25%. These features make the Schmoochle very appealable to players, and its no surprise to see why. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to breed this colorful monster.

How to Breed Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters?


Before you begin to breed Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters, you need to know that you can only do so for a limited time during the Season of Love. You can, however, choose to breed these monsters at any time in the Seasonal Shanty.

In order to breed the Schmoochle, you will need the Tweedle and Riff in Air Island.

As for the Seasonal Shanty, there are a variety of different monsters you can combine to get the Schmoochle. These are the Gobbleygourd, Clavavera, Jam Boree, and Carillong. The incubation period during breeding can go up to 31 hours, so we recommend you plan when you want to breed this monster.

We’ve also mentioned the potential success rate for breeding the Schmoochle with different monsters.

Tweedle Riff 19 11 58%
Clamble Hoola 3 3 16%
Congle Bellowfish 5 3 16%
Reedling Entbrat 1 1 5%
Boodoo Blabbit 20 1 5%

So there you have it. This is pretty much all you need to know about breeding Schmoochle in My Singing Monsters. As you can see, doing so is actually quite simple. All you need to do is make sure you are using the right parent characters. You also need to make sure you know about the limited periods you can breed this monster in. Knowing all of these things and following the simple instructions in this guide will help you breed the Schmoochle easily.

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