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How To Breed Hoola In My Singing Monsters (Explained)

Check out this guide to know how to Breed a Hoola in My Singing Monsters.

Are you looking to unlock or breed a Hoola in My Singing Monsters? Then you have just arrived at the right place as this guide has everything you need. A Hoola is a Seasonal Monster that you can only obtain during a specific event known as the SummerSong. This Seasonal Event takes place every year so if you do not have this monster yet, you can still get it in the future. However, the game does not give us any explanation about acquiring Hoola. Don’t worry, here’s everything you should know about unlocking a Hoola.

How to Unlock Hoola in My Singing Monsters (Best Breeding Combination)

To breed Hoola in My Singing Monsters, you need to combine PomPom and Pango on either Air Island or Earth Island. Also, keep in mind that it can only be bred during the SummerSong Season. At the time of writing (18th April 2023), the SummerSong Event hasn’t taken place yet. So, you still have the chance of getting a Hoola.

You can have another Hoola if the following breeding combination gets unsuccessful.

  • Hoola + Gobbleygourd
  • Hoola + Clavavera
  • Hoola + Viveine
  • Hoola + Jam Boree
  • Hoola + Carillong
  • Hoola + Whiz-bang
  • Hoola + Monculus
  • Hoola + Ffidyll
  • Hoola + Boo’qwurm
  • Hoola + Spurrit

Hoola in My Singing Monsters

Further, once you feed a Hoola to level 15, it can be teleported to Seasonal Shanty. For those who don’t know, Seasonal Shanty is an island wherein all the Seasonal Monsters can be placed. In My Singing Monsters, Hoola can produce more coins per minute if you place his favorite item nearby. The following are the things that Hoola likes the most:

  • Tweedle
  • SummerSong Path
  • Tree Hut
  • Tree Forte Tower
  • Castanevine

Placing the above-mentioned items will increase Hoola’s Happiness level by 25% in My Singing Monsters. Doing so will also result in more coin production.

That covers everything about breeding a Hoola in My Singing Monsters. While you are here, make sure to check out our other guides on Breeding Anglow and Grumpyre in MSM.